Week 12 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt – Turkey Day Edition

Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday of the entire year.  I can think of very few times more amazing where it is expected that you over indulge on food and watch football all day…pure harmony.  Anyways, I would much rather hang out with my friends and family over the next few days than sit here writing posts, so until Sunday we are only giving you this Turkey day edition.  After going 11-5 last week, I now have a record of 90-70 (.563 winning percentage) for the season, while Scottie went 12-4 which puts him at 89-71 (.556 winning percentage).  It’s too close for comfort on my end…let’s do it…

Along with Matt, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  There is nothing better than being around family and today is a celebration of just that.  I am truly thankful for all my family and friends.  Without them I would probably be face down in a ditch somewhere.  I am also thankful for the opportunity to whoop Matty’s behind.  So let’s get to it.


Patriots @ Lions

Matt -Patriots

The lone Lion that scares me in this game is Calvin Johnson.  But, I think that even if Johnson goes for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, the Pats would still manage to win the game.  The return of Fred Taylor bolsters that Pats’ rushing attack, and against one of the worst run defenses in the NFL, that spells victory for New England.

Scottie -Patriots

Much like the Browns game, this is a trap game.  The Pats are playing the Jets in 10 days.  If they get caught looking ahead the Lions will burn the Pats with one of the more explosive offenses in football.  The Pats’ secondary has been swiss cheese lately and I expect Calvin Johnson to have a big day.  However the Lions are still the Lions and the Pats are still the Pats.

Saints @ Cowboys

Matt -Cowboys

The New Orleans Saints are in for a dog fight.  There are few teams in the league that I would not want to play more than the Cowboys.  After their surprising win against the Giants two weeks ago, the Cowboys beat the Lions down and are now on a roll.  A team this talented can’t be held down for an entire season, and it looks like they are in the middle of breaking out.

Scottie – Cowboys

The Cowboys are among the most talented teams in the league.  They clearly gave up on Wade Phillips but have shown they are willing to play for Jason Garrett.  The Saints haven’t impressed me at all this year and I think they are in trouble in Big D.

Bengals @ Jets

Matt -Jets

I can see it now.  The Bengals are up 5 with 10 seconds left and then all of a sudden Cincinnati forgets how to tackle and lets Santonio Holmes run 80 yards for a touchdown off of a quick slant.  The Jets have somehow squeaked out wins in three consecutive games, and I don’t see Cincinnati being good enough to stop that trend.

Scottie -Jets

To quote Terrell Owens, the Bengals are just terrible.

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  1. After a great Thanksgiving Scottie and I both went 2-1

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