Week 11 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

With all of the insanity that went on in the NFL last week, I’m not overly disappointed with a 7-7 finish.  Scottie, on the other hand, wound up at 5-9.  Sorry Scottie, but that means the lead in this thing is again mine…and you’re not getting it back.  Going into week 11, I’m carrying a 79-65 record (.549 win percentage), while Scottie fell to a 77-67 record (.535 win percentage).  Just to remind my competition, come the end of the season in February I usually enjoy a nice tall draft Sam Adams Boston Lager.  Enough of the talk, week 11 is here let’s do it…

I am going to plead the 5th in regard to the incidents of last week.

Bears @ Dolphins

Matt -Bears

The Dolphins were lucky enough to grab a win last week against the Titans, but I just can’t see Tyler Thigpen being able to deal with this Bears defense.  Aside from that, Jake Long is iffy as to whether or not he will play, which doesn’t help Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams at all.

Scottie -Bears

I don’t trust Tyler Thigpen against the Bears defense.  I think Cutler will throw for 300+ and the Bears will enjoy ripping the Dolphins apart.

Bills @ Bengals

Matt – Bengals

The Bills finally got their first win of the season last week my Lions.  Congratulations Buffalo, you will not go defeated this year!  Not seeing it this week in Cincy though, but at least you got one…

Scottie – Bengals

Both of these teams are bad.  The Bills look to be playing good football lately but I think Cincy breaks out of it this week at home.

Cardinals @ Chiefs

Matt – Chiefs

The Chiefs have lost two games in a row, both to inter-division foes in Oakland and Denver.  There are few better ways to rebound than heading down to Arizona, catching some beautiful weather, and playing the Cardinals.

Scottie -Chiefs

The Cardinals are as bad as the Panthers and Bills.  Todd Haley is embarrassed about the ass whooping he took last week and Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones will run all over the Cardinals.

Packers @ Vikings

Matt – Packers

I have a feeling about this game, a bad feeling.  This game is going to come back to bite me, but I can’t go against the Packers in this one.  Rarely do the Packers or Vikings beat the other team twice in one season, as is typical with many rivalry games.  Aaron Rodgers has been playing ridiculously lately, which is why I’m sticking with Green Bay…but I’m skeptical.

Scottie – Packers

Only because I hate Brett Favre.

Redskins @ Titans

Matt – Titans

Washington got completely destroyed on Monday night, in prime time, against the Philadelphia Eagles.  I would like to think that the Redskins would bounce back with a win in Tennessee to try and keep their playoff aspirations alive, but the leadership on that team is nonexistent.  Plus, who is going to cover Moss?  All of Washington’s playoff hopes stay in Tennessee after a Titans victory.

Scottie -Titans

The Titans will get back on track and back into the thick of the playoff hunt facing an undermanned Redskins squad.  McNabb doesn’t have any weapons in his arsenal to overcome the Titan D.

Browns @ Jaguars

Matt – Jaguars

The Jaguars are somehow 5-4.  I don’t get it.  They aren’t good enough to be 5-4, Houston is much more talented than them and yet the Jags have a better record.  The Browns beat the Pats and brought the Jets into overtime, but both games were in Cleveland.  Now they head on the road after an emotional let down…looks like another win for the Jags somehow.

Scottie – Browns

I am on the Brown bandwagon.  Colt McCoy doesn’t turn over the football.  Peyton Hillis is a bruising running back.  The defense isn’t bad either.  I am going to go out on a limb and say the Browns make the playoffs next season.

Texans @ Jets

Matt – Texans

As much as I love the Lions, I love the Texans too.  They got of to a great start this season and it looked like they would challenge Indy for the AFC South title.  A few weeks later and they are fourth in the division, fighting to stay alive in the playoff hunt.  The Texans need to make a statement, showing the rest of the NFL that they are for real.  There are few better teams to make a statement against than the Jets.

Scottie – Jets

I still think the Jets are overrated but they find ways to win.  Houston may have a sexy offense but their defense is terrible.  Kubiak’s job status is rocky at best.

Ravens @ Panthers

Matt – Ravens

Brian St. Pierre is starting for the Panthers this week…enough said.

Scottie -Ravens

Who the hell is Brian St. Pierre?

Lions @ Cowboys

Matt – Cowboys

The Cowboys looked like their old selves last week against the Giants, airing it out en route to a huge win.  Sadly for them, that was only their second win of the season.  The Lions without Stafford or a consistent running game (not to mention, nobody on defense to match up with Dez Bryant) are just not a very good team.

Scottie -Cowboys

I don’t want t get into the inevitable anointing of Jason Garrett as the next great young genius of the NFL, but the Cowboys sure looked like a different team last week.  And the Lions lost to the Bills.  In Dez Bryant a star has been born.  Bye Bye Miles Austin, you are now second fiddle in Big D.

Raiders @ Steelers

Matt – Steelers

The Raiders have been one of the biggest surprises in the NFL so far this season.  Run DMC has carried this team to their best start in years.  But, as just about everyone (except for the Pats) have found out, it is not very fun to try and run in Pittsburgh.  Expect the Steelers to be rejuvenated this week after tough loss verse New England, ready to crush and running desire that the Raiders have.

Scottie – Steelers

I just don’t see the Raiders as a team ready to make the next step.  If they do win here, then there is some legitimacy to them as a playoff team no one should want to face.  That means the Pats won’t have a high a draft pick as once thought.

Falcons @ Rams

Matt – Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFC.  I’ve been saying it for a few weeks now (actually since just about the beginning of the year) and now everyone else has finally caught on.  The Rams have been putting up a good fight so far this season, but Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White will be too much to handle in St. Louis.

Scottie – Falcons

Last Thursday Matt Ryan established himself as a legitimate top tier quarterback.  Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rothelisberger, Ryan. I still believe the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC runs through Hot Lanta.

Bucanners @ 49ers

Matt – 49ers

The Bucs would like to think that they are among the best in the NFC…let’s see what Singletary thinks about that.

Scottie – Buccaneers

I love both of these young teams.  But I don’t see Troy Smith leading the 49ers anywhere.  For the first time all season I am picking against my boys Frank Gore and Vernon Davis.

Seahawks @ Saints

Matt – Saints

The Saints haven’t played like the “amazing” team that everyone anointed them as being, but they are somehow still 6-3.  They are not really in the conversation for the best team in the NFC, but with Reggie Bush returning they might be re-approaching that area.  Seattle isn’t very good on the road, and they don’t have enough horses on defense to stop the Saints.

Scottie – Saints

The Saints get Reggie Bush back this week and will look to regain the identity they had coming into this season.  They have gone 6-3 without their nucleus.  Now that they are coming back, that makes the Saints a scary team.

Colts @ Patriots

Matt – Patriots

Since 2006, Peyton Manning is 4-1 against the Patriots.  If the Colts had any semblance of a healthy offense, I think I would be going with Indy.  But, their team is bruised and battered, which has me leaning towards the Pats.  Although, this game could be a trap game for the Pats.  The euphoria of a big win in Pittsburgh takes a little longer to wear off of young players than vets, so seeing a flat team on Sunday wouldn’t surprise me.

Scottie – Patriots

The Pats looked outstanding last weekend against a banged up Pittsburgh team.  I expect them to look just as good against a banged up Colts team.

Giants @ Eagles

Matt – Giants

It amazes me how Michael Vick has gone from America’s most hated quarterback to the greatest player in NFL history.  Come on people!  I understand that the Eagles played well, in fact very well in Washington on Monday night.  The great thing about that performance was that it was a game…yes, ONE game.  The G-Men may be the one team in the NFL that has the athletes on the defensive line to keep Mike Vick in the pocket (at least most of the time).  I like the Giants to rebound from a bad loss in Philadelphia.

Scottie – Eagles

I don’t care what people say.  I love Mike Vick.  He is playing video game football right now and no one can stop him.  Not even the number one defense in football.

Broncos @ San Diego

Matt – San Diego

As I proclaimed three of four weeks ago, San Diego is now making their move.  Every season they start off terribly, and then sure enough they turn it on and somehow win the division.  Much is being made of this big matchup between Orton and Rivers, and I think San Diego’s pass defense will be the difference in this one.

Scottie -Broncos

The late season push is being made by San Diego and Phillip Rivers has done a lot with nothing around him much like Kyle Orton has.  Josh McDaniels is on the hot seat and I expect his Broncos to finish the season strong.  This is going to be an absolute shootout.