Week 10 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Week 9 turned out to be a good one for both Scottie and I, as we each posted a 10-3 record.  That brings both of our overall records to 72-58, equating of a winning percentage of .554.  Not terrible, but not good enough.  This week marks the first installment of Thursday night NFL games.  I’m pumped because the more nights the NFL is on TV, the more games I get to watch in their entirety.  We are now forced to post out picks on Thursday’s, so be sure to check in early and often to see how this “Battle for free Brews” is panning out.  There are a bunch of tough matchups this week, games that will make or break the 2010 season for certain teams.  I’m poised and ready to build on my success from last week, recapturing the lead, and working my way towards a free night at the bar.  Let’s do it…

Thursday night football means the end of the regular season is drawing near. I look forward to enjoying a night out on Matty so let’s get down to business.

Ravens @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons

This could be a Super Bowl preview.  What better way to start the Thursday night schedule.  Just like Percy Harvin was “injured” last week for the Vikings, so to is Roddy White.  My point being Roddy is just fine and the Falcons offense is potent.

Matt: Ravens

The Falcons are the class of the NFC, but the Ravens defense is truly stifling.  Look for the Ravens to key in on Michael Turner, leaving Matt Ryan to try and win the game alongside a hobbled Roddy White.  If White was fully healthy, then I would go with the Falcons, but I don’t think that they can score enough with their star wideout at 100%.

Lions @ Bills

Scottie: Lions

The Lions know how to lose football games.  Last week was a perfect example.  I initially had them beating the Jets but rethought it through.  Now the Lions get a cupcake in Buffalo.  It doesn’t matter who is under center for the Lions because they are just that good on offense.  I love the Lions here.

Matt: Lions

My favorite young quarterback, Matthew Stafford, is likely to be done for the year.  Luckily for the Lions, they have had plenty of practice with Shaun Hill behind center.  I can’t imagine a scenario where the Bills are able to slow down Calvin Johnson, so I’m sticking with the Lions.

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Scottie: Buccaneers

I agree with Rahiem Morris that the Bucs are the best young team in football.  Carolina is terrible making this the layup of the week.

Matt: Buccaneers

The Bucs played pretty well last week, losing to Atlanta by six.  Josh Freeman has developed into an efficient quarterback, and rookie wideout Mike Williams is looking more and more like a big-time draft day steal.  The Panthers offense is completely anemic, so I don’t see much difficulty in this one for the Buccaneers.

Vikings @ Bears

Scottie: Vikings

The Bears offense turns the ball over more often than not.  The Vikings still have a solid defense and a man named Adrian Peterson.  The Vikings win easily.

Matt: Bears

So now the Vikings locker room is calling for Brad Childress to be fired…publicly.  The circus-like atmosphere that is present in Minnesota can do nothing but hurt this Vikings team.  Just when I thought they would start to be making their playoff push, the team has given up on their head coach.  Way to go Favre…way to go.

Texans @ Jaguars

Scottie: Texans

Coach Gary Kubiak got the “vote of confidence” from ownership this week.  That can’t be a good thing.  (see Phillips, Wade). The Jaguars have been playing well but the Texans offense is too potent to lose this one.

Matt: Texans

The Texans need to rebound from that loss to the Chargers quickly in order to stay relevant in the AFC playoff picture.  With Tennessee and Indy looking to run away with the AFC South, Houston needs to pile up a few wins to get back into it.  The Jaguars have been playing well, but I don’t think they have the offensive fire power to stay with the Texans.

Titans @ Dolphins

Scottie: Titans

Chad Pennington gets the start for the Dolphins this week.  I don’t think it matters.  The Titans now have the luxury of Randy Moss opening up the field for Chris Johnson and Vince Young.  The Titans offense will be tough to stop.

Matt: Titans

We can be assured that Randy Moss will at least do one thing well in Tennessee, and that is take defenders out of the box.  Teams will undoubtedly double Moss, leading to less defenders trying to tackle Chris Johnson at the line of scrimmage.  That is a scary thought for the rest of the league.

Bengals @ Colts

Scottie: Colts

The Bengals showed signs of life against Pittsburgh last week but I don’t see them stopping Peyton Manning on his home turf.

Matt: Colts

The Colts are decimated by injuries, and still only lost to one of the NFC’s best teams by two points last week.  The Bengals are a struggling team that is very dysfunctional.  No shot Peyton loses this one.

Jets @ Browns

Scottie: Browns

Yeah, I said it.  I think the Browns aren’t as bad as many are making them out to be.  Colt McCoy has played the best the NFL has to offer during his short career so far and has done what made him successful at Texas.  He doesn’t turn the ball over.  The Jets are on the decline as LT is starting to look his age and Mark Sanchez is still a work in progress.  Upset special baby!

Matt: Jets

One week after the Browns won the Super Bowl they are forced to play the Jets.  It’s pretty weird how the NFL switched up the schedule like that, but that’s just how things are…

Chiefs @ Broncos

Scottie: Chiefs

The Chiefs two headed rushing attack will be too much for the weak Broncos defense who desperately miss Elvis Dumervil.

Matt: Chiefs

Kyle Orton has cooled as of late, after getting off to one of the best starts in NFL history.  The Broncos defense doesn’t have the horses to slow down the Chiefs run game, and the Broncos offense doesn’t have the horses to outplay the Chiefs defense.  Ironically, a lack of horses in Denver leads to a Chiefs win.

Rams @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

According to my calculations, I think I have the 49ers as being undefeated with my picks.  I just never see a situation where they will lose.  I’ve obviously been very wrong but for some inexplicable reason I will continue to pick them.

Matt: 49ers

Mike Singletary will single-handedly win the NFC west.

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Scottie: Cardinals

The Seahawks are bad. The Cardinals aren’t as bad.  This is the “who cares” game of the week.

Matt: Cardinals

The Cardinals lost against the Seahawks in Seattle, so I look for Beanie Wells and co. to run their way to victory at home in Arizona.

Cowboys @ Giants

Scottie: Giants

The Giants are a super bowl favorite with a solid running game and stout defense.  Hakeem Nicks has emerged as a top flight receiver this year.  The once solid Cowboys defense have no shot of shutting down the Giants attack.

Matt: Giants

The Cowboys will come out with endless amounts of energy, energized by the firing of Wade Phillips and the new regime that is headed by Jason Garrett.  But, as much energy as the Cowboys will bring to the table, their offensive line simply isn’t good enough to protect John Kitna from that vaunted front four of the Giants.

Patriots @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers

The Patriots haven’t been able to move the ball well in recent memory.  What would make me think they will against the top defense in the NFL.  I also think Big Ben the rapist will have a field day picking apart the Patriots secondary.  The Pats are very much in danger of a 3 game losing streak, their first since 2002.

Matt: Patriots

Everything inside of me is yelling, “Pick the Steelers you idiot!”  But, I’m known to consistently go against what is reasonable, so I’m sticking with the home-town squad.  Pittsburgh’s offensive line is decimated by injuries, so stopping, or I should say slowing Rashard Mendenhall shouldn’t be as difficult as it was previously.  Look for this game to come down to the last possession, and #12 is the guy I want with the game on the line.

Eagles @ Redskins

Scottie: Eagles

The Redskins have nearly as much turmoil in their locker room as do the Vikings.  Shanahan goes to…Rex Grossman with the game on the line? Yikes.  Vick and Desean run wild and the Eagles come out on top.

Matt: Eagles

McNabb got his revenge in Philly earlier this season, but now it’s Vick’s turn to shine in the Monday night spotlight.


3 Responses

  1. Couldn’t have asked for a better game to start NFL Thursdays

    But, I suck.

    After one game, Scottie 1…Matt 0

  2. After a crazy Sunday, I am posting a mediocre 6-7 record heading into Monday night.

    Scottie on the other hand is standing at 4-9…

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