TCU is for Real; Newton is Bush; JoePa gets 400

The week that was in college football.

TCU deserves to be in the conversation

In the game of the week, the TCU Horned Frogs dismantled the #5 Utes of Utah 47-7.  I have been and always will be critical of the TCU’s and Boise State’s of the world that play cupcake schedules and cruise into the national title conversation.  But I will give credit when credit is due and the Horned Frogs deserve to be considered for a national title berth.  Andy Dalton threw for 355 yards and 3 touchdowns launching himself into Heisman candidacy.  The top 4 teams in the country are now Auburn, Oregon, TCU and Boise State.

Cameron Newton is Reggie Bush?

Early this week word leaked out that Cameron Newton was allegedly “up for the highest bidder” when he transferred from his junior college.  An ex Mississippi State player came out and said that he was told it would have taken cash for Newton to sign at Mississippi State.  Newton’s camp has obviously dismissed the report.  But this sounds all to familiar and comparable to the Reggie Bush years at USC.  It will be interesting to follow this investigation as the season goes on.  I’d like to say the report isn’t true but over the past few years I have learned to trust whistleblowers.

Joe Paterno gets number 400

It only took him a century, but the ageless wonder Joe Paterno won his 400th game yesterday.  In all seriousness this is quite a feat that I don’t think will ever be touched by anyone else.  College football schedules are 14 games maximum.  It would take approximately 28 and a half seasons of undefeated football to get to 400 wins.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Invitations to New York

Cameron Newton is my clear favorite to win the Heisman Trophy so long as his he stays out of trouble.  I have already mentioned that TCU quarterback Andy Dalton will be going to New York for the ceremony as well.  The other invitations will be going to Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and Oregon running back LaMichael James.  Moore threw for 507 yards against Hawaii on Saturday and has led Boise to an undefeated record to this point in the season.  LaMichael James has been unreal all season long and I readily admit I have slept on him all season long.  He ran for 121 and 3 touchdowns against Washington yesterday.

What’s coming up for the undefeateds?

#4 Boise State @ Idaho

Georgia @ #2 Auburn

San Diego St. @ #3 TCU

#1 Oregon @ California


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