Time To Eat Some Crow Courtesy Of Chef Thomas

Tonight the Boston Bruins improved to 7-2-0 with a 5-2 victory over the Buffalo Sabres.  The Bruins seem to be almost identical to the Randy Moss-less New England Patriots with a lunch pail mentality.  It’s all about defense, timely scoring and no one on the squad really blowing up the league with offensive numbers.

The purpose for this post is not to boast about how well the Bruins are playing but more for my public apology toward Tim Thomas.  Over the past year I have made it blatantly obvious that I am a much bigger Tuukka Rask supporter than I am of Thomas.  I was never to the point of rooting against Thomas because that’s just ludicrous hell, I have 12X16 signed picture of him hanging on my bedroom wall.  However, I was a part of that large contingent of Bruins fans/hockey community who claimed that Timmy was done and that the Black & Gold clocks were going to be operating on Tuukka Time for the foreseeable future.  Boy was I wrong…

Going into tonight’s game Thomas had 6-0-0 record with a .984 save percentage, a goals against average of .50, and 3 shutouts.  I’ll let that soak in for a second…Thomas leads the league in the 3 statistical categories and is second in the league with those six wins (with tonight’s win he’ll jump into a tie for first if Pittsburgh goalie Brent Johnson loses to Dallas).

Thomas is controlling his rebounds better than I’ve seen him in the past, even better than he did in his Vezina year 2 seasons ago.  When Thomas gives up less juicy rebounds it reduces his need to flop so, kudos to him.  That, and not battling an ailing hip injury have been the major sources for success for Thomas.

With all that being said, I am still a major Tuukka Rask advocate.  Rask is not only the future but, he’s the better goaltender.  However, Thomas needs to be the starter for as long as he can maintain this hot streak and continue to win games.  This Bruins squad is far better off with the Thomas-Tuukka tandem tending the twine (see what I did there?).  Putting either of these two on the trading block would be pure insanity so keeping the two of them together and keeping them healthy is a must for a strong playoff run.

In conclusion, I will be eating crow on this one.  Timmy, you are clearly not done yet and you can send a nice plate of black bird up to New Hampshire.  I still can’t stand your floppy Hasek style but, if it works for now and the Bruins keep winning, I’ll love you for it.


3 Responses

  1. Where do I begin:

    Tim Thomas needs an apology from no one, especially what comes across as a satirical one, considering a nod to Rask could not be avoided. How can a self proclaimed hockey enthusiast compare a Vezina trophy winning, Olympic medalist, 269 game veteran of the game to a veritable 2nd year player with 52 games of experience, most of which obtained only from an injury to that veteran?? I don’t even mean pick a favorite….I mean actually compare, and claim he is better. If you want to compare the first 52 games of someones career and their success in the AHL, than Andrew Raycroft is the best goalie of all time. If you are going to eat humble pie on something, because I don’t know what the hell crow pie is, and apologize for doubting someone, do not insult them by comparing them to a rookie…he’s still a rookie in my opinion…who can’t handle the playoffs yet, or handle competition. Also, do not call them hot pads, when you win 7 in a row, and claim that when he loses one or two, Rask is your new go to guy. I do not want to, so don’t make me, pull out all of the statistics, yet again, like I had to last year, on platooning goaltenders and how it does not win you a Stanley Cup. A true Bruins fan wants a god damn Cup.

    Oh, and bashing the guys style and comparing it to Hasek in the same sentence is the definition of contradicting yourself.

    Speak for yourself when you claim the whole “large contigency of Bruins fans thing…” because I spent a season arguing the point you are apologizing for doubting…

    Don’t compare hockey to football, especially Bruins to Patriots. I guess I am the only dark sole left that will never truly be happy until we win CHAMPIONSHIPS. Thats the only comparison factor that can ever be made.

    I am disgusted.


    I await your rebuttal…

  2. Where do I begin as well…

    Tazi, i love your passion and everything but, your blatant love for Tim Thomas has jaded your view of this goaltending situation. This post was actually not satirical in any way shape or form and it was very sincere. If you take it any other way then go back and re-read with your mouth off of Thomas’s…goalie stick.

    With all my points that I make here, please understand that I still love Tim Thomas and all that he has done here but, my points are purely being made to counteract your tunnel vision comments.

    Tim Thomas was an Olympian yes, but what did he ACTUALLY do in the Olympics? He was shelled in mop up duty…

    “Also, do not call them hot pads, when you win 7 in a row, and claim that when he loses one or two, Rask is your new go to guy.” When did I say this? Just another example of taking things out of context and running with them…

    When I compared the Bruins to the Patriots I didn’t compare game plans or anything like that. It was all about the team’s make-up and having nothing to do with fundamentals or specifics, just generalizing. What’s so wrong with that?

    If Thomas was in net last year the Bruins wouldn’t have had that major collapse because they would never have seen game 7, they would have lost earlier. Thomas had a hip injury that was clearly effecting him, hence the off-season surgery. Considering how he was playing last year and comparing it to this year, the hip was obviously the problem.

    The collapse does not lie solely on Tuukka’s shoulders. That team was awful when Krejci went down and no one played well. Tuukka was one of the few that showed up for all 7 games (sans the 1 game he was pulled, he deserved that.)

    Tazi, I don’t want to play the credentials card here but if arguments like this keep coming from you I may have to…

  3. Riding the hot pads aka platooning goaltenders is exactly what you said, last year. I don’t have the patience to look up the posts title, but you seem to forget we have archives within this blog. My memory is very very good, so good in fact, I do not remember you addressing any of the other questions I posed, other than the football thing, which I stand by, and the Olympian thing, and I almost forgot who I was talking to; someone with a complete disrespect for any Olympian. By the way, its Tazzi, with two “z’s”, which is exactly what this reply made me want to go get. Credentials? That is the most ridiculous, pretentious and embarassing thing you could have written. Hip injury? You are yet again contradicting yourself, by claiming on one hand, Tuukka is the better choice, and on the other, the only thing separating Thomas from last year’s dissapointment, and this years success, was an injury. Is it that Rask is better or Thomas was hurt?? Figure it out. And yes, the collapse in the hands of a worthy starting goalie, would have never happened. Credentials lie in my ability to be a fan, and my continuing struggle with the way last year ended. Let me guess, you were the type of fan who said, “oh well, they did their best…better luck next year.” I remain embarassed for you and utterly disgusted.

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