Week 8 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Do you hear those footsteps Matt?  I’m coming for you! Matt is 57-47 for a winning percentage of 54.8% after going 6-8 last week.   I went 8-6 pushing my record to 54-50 for a 51.9% percentage and am now only 3 games back.

I really can’t explain the sudden turn I’ve made towards becoming the worst predictor of game outcomes in history.  But, I surprisingly still have the lead so it’s time to turn things around.  Let’s do it…

Dolphins @ Bengals

Scott: Dolphins

The Bengals haven’t looked good in weeks and I like the Dolphins attack.

Matt: Dolphins

The Dolphins lost a nail-biter last week in Pittsburgh on a blown call (in my opinion).  Loses like that can be very deflating for a team.  Cincinnati played decent against Atlanta, but again failed to get the job done.  I think that Miami will be feeling a sense of urgency, considering the Pats and Jets are looking to run away from the rest of the division.

Jaguars @ Cowboys

Scott: Cowboys

This is a must win for the Cowboys and I don’t think Todd Bouman will solve the Jaguars’ problems.

Matt: Cowboys

I have no faith in Jon Kitna’s ability to lead the Cowboys to victory.  But, luckily for those in Dallas, I have less faith in the aforementioned Todd Bouman.

Redskins @ Lions

Scott: Lions

I am a huge fan of the Lions offense and their defense is actually very underrated.

Matt: Redskins

Matthew Stafford is back, but how much can we expect for him after being sidelined for so long?  The Redskins passing defense will get gashed by Megatron, but McNabb will find a way to squeak out of Detroit with a win.

Bills @ Chiefs

Scott: Chiefs

The Bills surprised the hell out of me last week.  The Chiefs have surprised the hell out of me all season. I am going with the more consistent surprise.

Matt: Chiefs

Andrew Luck and Stanford are off this week, so the Bills will have a bit of extra time to focus on the Chiefs this weekend.  Nonetheless, the Chiefs rushing duo of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles is too much for the lowly Bills’ defense to handle.

Panthers @ Rams

Scott: Rams

Matt Moore looked good last week for the Panthers but I still have a “team crush” on the Rams.

Matt: Panthers

Jonathan Stewart finally gets a start and has an opportunity to do at least something to help out my fantasy team.  I have a feeling that Stewart is going to bust out in a big way, and Steve Smith re-acclimation into the offense will help Mr. Moore out.

Packers @ Jets

Scott: Jets

The Jets are fresh off a bye week and the Packers are a traveling infirmary.

Matt: Packers

Aaron Rodgers rises to the occasion and leads the Pack to victory, even with all of the injuries that they are dealing with.

Broncos @ 49ers

Scott: Broncos

The Niners have screwed me all season long and I expect the Broncos to recover from their embarrassing loss last week to the Raiders.

Matt: 49ers

Sticking with the Singletaries.  They are too talented to keep losing all of these games.

Titans @ Chargers

Scott: Titans

Norv Turner loves to look for new ways to lose. That was evident last week against the Patriots.  The Chargers are the most undisciplined team in the league.

Matt: Titans

It’s looking like Vince Young will be coming back this week, and I’m not so sure that is a good thing for this Tennessee team.  The Chargers lost last week because of stupid turnovers.  I can’t start picking them until they show me they can limit those bonehead moves.

Bucs @ Cardinals

Scott:  Bucs

I like the Josh Freeman to Mike Williams connection.  Plus the Cardinals are desperate for Kurt Warner to pull a Favre and come back.  It won’t happen as Warner is a man of his word unlike the aforementioned diva.

Matt: Cardinals

Look for Beanie Wells to break out in a big way this week after officially being named the starting running back.

Vikings @ Patriots

Scott: Patriots

This game was suppose to be about Moss’s return to New England. Instead Favre saw that he wasn’t getting any attention and he made it all about him.  If Tavaris Jackson starts, the Vikings win.  But he won’t because it’s all about Favre and he will lead his team to the loss column yet again.

Matt: Patriots

Favre is apparently dead set on playing when he is about 5 feet from the grave.  I’m looking forward to seeing Favre get lit up and then getting a glimpse at Tavaris Jackson.  There is no stopping AP, but you better believe that the focus at practice this whole week has been about the Vikes bruising runner.  The Mayo-Peterson battle is the real one to watch.

Seahawks @ Raiders

Scott: Raiders

Welcome to the League Darren McFadden! Your arrival took a little longer than anticipated but you showed why the Raiders made you a top draft pick in a huge way in last weeks game.  I expect more of the same from him against a weak Seattle defense.

Matt: Seahawks

The Seahawks played pretty well against the Cardinals last week, limiting Arizona’s running game for the entire day.  It would be very “Raider-like” for the black and silver to follow up a huge win with the terrible loss.

Steelers @ Saints

Scott: Steelers

The Saints are not the same team we thought they were.  We won’t be crowning them this year.

Matt: Steelers

The Saints have been playing terribly against one of the softer schedules in the entire league.  Every week it seems that Big Ben gets a bit more comfortable and knocks some more rust off.  Look for Pittsburgh’s defense too harass Drew Brees all day, and without much of a running game to speak of, the Saints’ hopes are looking slim.

Texans @ Colts

Scott: Colts

Peyton Manning won’t allow his team to lose to the same opponent from his division twice in the same season.

Matt: Texans

Yup, I’m calling for the Houston sweep.  With both Collie, Garcon, and Clark out for this game, Peyton’s targets are limited.  Granted, Houston has the worst passing defense in the league, so I’m expecting a shootout.  But, I’m taking Andre Johnson and Arian Foster over Joseph Addai and Reggie Wayne.