Later Sooners! The Weekend in College Football

Number One Falls Again

*Almost to no one’s surprise the latest number 1 team in the BCS Rankings went down.  The Oklahoma Sooners were beaten by Missouri 37-26, as the Tigers put up 16 fourth quarter points.  The Tigers continue their undefeated season and have now played themselves into the conversation of top 5 teams in the nation, at least for now.  It seems there is a curse in being the number 1 team in the BCS.  For three weeks straight now, the number one team has fallen after holding the top spot for just one week.  The next team to hold that coveted (or cursed) spot in the BCS is Auburn.

Newton Defies Laws of Physics

*Auburn now controls its own destiny going forward.  They still have to go through what I like to call the minefield that is the SEC, but if they are able to survive that they are the clear cut number one team in the land.  They are led by Heisman favorite Cameron Newton.  Newton is a junior college transfer who’s game resembles that of a man named Vince Young.  In case you haven’t noticed, Newton is a monster.  He weighs 6’6 250 pounds.  That is flat out scary for opposing defenses.  They are left wondering what happened as Newton runs right over them.  Defenses are not use to guys their size running at them full speed.  The game against LSU this past weekend was viewed as when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object. Well Cam Newton ran right over that immovable object formerly known as the LSU defense to the tune of 217 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Road to Titletown

Anyone that has followed this series of posts know that I am of the notion that Boise State will play TCU for the national championship.  Boise State has a cupcake schedule only facing a notable team in Nevada the rest of the way.  TCU will play #8 Utah on November 6 which is shaping up to be an obstacle to the national title picture for both teams.  Auburn has Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama left on their slate while Oregon has 5 decent opponents left as it finishes out its Pac-10 schedule.  Based on these schedules I do now believe a one loss team could get into the title game.  If that is the case look for the debate to abolish the BCS to be louder than in years past.  Michigan State and Missouri are also undefeated at this point in the season.

Favorites Get Smoked

The writers on this blog can’t lie or hide from this.  Most who write here are Notre Dame fans.  The Fighting Irish didn’t show much fight this weekend as they were mortified by Navy on Saturday.  As much as I would like to laugh at this, my own Texas Longhorns were smoked by the Iowa State Cyclones (who?) as well.  Needless to say it hasn’t been a good year for our college gridiron teams.  Honestly, I am getting angry/upset just writing about it so let’s move on and not speak of this 2010 season again.

Pryor Regret?

3 years ago Terrelle Pryor was the most sort after high school prospect in the recruiting wars for college football.  Pryor made it known that his final decision came between Ohio State and Michigan, 2 bitter rivals nonetheless.  With the recent success of Denard Robinson at Michigan I found myself wondering if Terrelle Pryor had any regrets about choosing the Buckeyes.  The Buckeyes have a far more conservative offense than the Wolverines which doesn’t allow Pryor to show off his true talents.  I personally believe Pryor is much more gifted than Robinson and would think that Pryor would have absolutely lit it up at The Big House.

On Tap for Next Week

#1 Auburn @ Mississippi

#2 Oregon @ USC

Louisiana Tech @ #3 Boise State


#5 Michigan State @ #18 Iowa

#6 Missouri @ #14 Nebraska

#8 Utah @ Air Force


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