Scottie vs Matt Week 7 NFL Picks

Last week Matt and I both got back some respectability after getting smoked in Week 6.  Matt posted an 8-6 record moving his season record to 51-39 for a winning percentage of .566.  I picked up a game on “The Show,” going 9-5 leaving me at 46-44 on the season for a winning percentage of .551.  I am now 5 games back and am looking to make a push as the second third of the season gets underway.  There is a very strong part of me that wants to sacrifice a game by picking against the Patriots due to them winning every time I pick them to lose.  We will see how I feel when I get to that part of the picks.

Scottie picked up a game last week, but I’m feeling really good about my picks this week.  Let’s do it…

Bengals @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons

Falcons will look to bounce back from a tough loss to the Eagles last week and they will do so against an inconsistent Bengals team.  The Bengals could be so much better if they didn’t have the Team Obliterator whining and complaining about lord knows what.  It would also help if he focused more on football rather than a talk show on Versus.

Matt: Falcons

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I love this Atlanta Falcons team.  The Bengals pass defense is among the best in the league, but Matt Ryan seems to keep finding ways to win.  Look for the Falcons to add another victory to the win column.

Redskins @ Bears

Scottie: Redskins

I tend to really like the Bears on paper.  And then upon further thought I ask myself why.  They were beaten by the Seahawks last week.  They are just not a good team.  I like their defense but their offense leaves a lot to be desired especially when Cutler is face down in the turf time and time again.  On the other hand the Redskins have been a surprising team to me.  They are 3-3 and McNabb throughout his career has found ways to win with no help around him.  I am going with the intangibles here.

Matt: Bears

The Redskins have one of the worst passing defenses in the league, and the new-look Bears love to pass.  If Cutler can limit his mistakes the Bears should be able to run away with this one.

Rams @ Bucs

Scottie: Rams

For some unknown reason I have really taken a liking to the Rams and I am interested to see how they will be going forward as their receiving corps has been decimated by injury losing Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton for the season.  If they are smart they will feed their beast, Steven Jackson, and all will be well.

Matt: Bucs

I like what is beginning to develop down in Tampa.  Josh Freeman continues to develop along with the surprising wideout Mike Williams, and the defense is getting better by the game.  Raheem Morris has the Bucs on the right track, and they look grab their fourth win of the season.

49ers @ Panthers

Scottie: 49ers

The Niners finally got into the win column last week.  It only took them 6 tries.  They are fortunate to have another cupcake matchup this week as they face a Panthers team that might actually be worse than the Bills.  Reports out of Carolina say Matt Moore will get the start over Jimmy Claussen.  It doesn’t matter if they had Dan Marino under center. They are awful.

Matt: 49ers

Sticking with the San Francisco Singletary’s…they will win the division.

Ravens @ Bills

Scottie: Ravens

Nothing to say here other than this is the layup of the week.

Matt: Ravens

The Bills can’t stop anyone.  But, Joe Flacco seems to have a knack of playing down to his competition.  This game is a trap game for the Ravens, coming off of an overtime loss to the Pats that was a big emotional letdown after being up 10 in the 4th quarter.  No shot Ray Lewis lets his squad lose to the lowly Bills (for the Bills’ info: Andrew Luck leads Stanford against Washington State tonight at 5pm).

Eagles @ Titans

Scottie: Titans

The Eagles will be without DeSean Jackson, allowing the Titan defense to focus on shutting down Jeremy Maclin.  For Tennessee, it won’t matter if Vince or Collins start, they will control the ball, play solid defense, and protect their home turf.

Matt: Eagles

Not sure how much of a chance the Eagles have in this game, but I have a feeling…

Jaguars @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs

Every time I type “chiefs” I must double check it to make sure I don’t repeat that famous Snickers commercial from years back.  Great googly moogly! Back to the reason we are here; The Jags stink, the Chiefs are, dare I say, good.  Easy win for old friend Matt Cassel and his boys.

Matt: Chiefs

The Jaguars got completely manhandled against the Titans, but they did contain Chris Johnson for the majority of the game (until he broke off that 4th down run late in the game).  Jamaal Charles and Thomas Davis may be the best running back combination in the league right now.  Good luck Jacksonville.

Steelers @ Dolphins

Scottie: Steelers

Big Ben is back and looking good.  The steel curtain-esque defense is well documented.  As much as this game may be easy to pick at first glance, don’t sleep on the Fins.  But I feel Brandon Marshall will be held at bay and Ben will be able to keep his mind off of the hunnies on South Beach for at least 3 hours.

Matt: Steelers

The Dolphins are coming off of a big overtime win against the Packers last week, and are certainly looking to make up some ground in the AFC East.  Sadly for Miami, the Steelers are playing out of their minds right now, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Browns @ Saints:

Scottie: Saints

Colt McCoy actually looked okay against the Steeler defense last week.  Granted he led 2 of his receivers into concussions, but other than that he was efficient, and did what made him successful at UT.   He will be taught a course in Stud 101 as he matches up against one the best quarterbacks in the league in Drew Brees.

Matt: Saints

Talk about a powder puff schedule.  Over the last three games the Saints have had the luxury to play Carolina, Arizona and Tampa Bay.  Now, Cleveland comes to town and it looks like the Saints will keep beating up on bad competition.

Cardinals @ Seahawks

Scottie: Cardinals

I honestly want to say “who cares” when it comes to this game.  Both teams are 3-2 in the weak NFC West.  And I can’t even pretend to try and analyze this game… Heads: Cardinals, Tails Seahawks…..and its….. Cardinals.

Matt: Seahawks

The Seahawks have yet to lose at home so far this season, and it looks like that trend will continue against Max Hall and the struggling Cardinals.

Patriots @ Chargers

Scottie: Patriots

I don’t believe in superstition.  I believe in the Patriot Way.  The formula that worked for this franchise in the early 2000’s was back on display last Sunday as they won an exciting game against the Ravens by playing stout defense, taking care of the ball, and having solid special teams play.  The Chargers are all banged up and Rivers is going to throw 50 times.  The defense continues to grow for the Pats this week and they take it.

Matt: Chargers

Coming off of a huge win against the Ravens, I have to imagine that such a young team will experience somewhat of an emotional letdown.  Traveling to San Diego is never easy, and the Chargers are notorious for starting slow and finishing strong.  The strong finish starts this week against New England.

Raiders @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos

For the Raiders, it looks like the second leading passer in Baltimore Ravens history is walking through that door in Kyle Boller.  That is laughable.  I believe in Kyle Orton like I do Harvey Dent and Orton will slice the Raiders defense to the tune of 350 and 3 td’s this week.

Matt: Broncos

The Broncos throw the ball all over the field.  Kyle Orton has thrown for the second most yards in the league!  I don’t see the Raiders having enough firepower to keep up with the Broncos.

Vikings @ Packers

Scottie: Packers

My mind says go with the Vikings.  My heart tells me the Packers.  The bottom line is Brett Favre is in my top 5 most hated athletes of all time.  I hope he gets smashed on his old turf and Aaron Rodgers has a career day.

Matt: Vikings

Favre and Moss finally start getting their connection down, and you know Favre would love nothing more than beating the Packers in Green Bay.

Giants @ Cowboys

Scott: Cowboys

The Cowboys are desperate and there is no better matchup for them than their bitter rivals, the New York football Giants.  The Giants are trying to prove they are an elite team but won’t be able to withstand what is a season defining game for the Boys.

Matt: Cowboys

Scottie said it, the Cowboys are desperate.  They need to reel off a 6 or 7 game winning streak to even have a chance of making the playoffs.  Look for a huge offensive game out of Dallas to try and get the Cowboys back to their winning ways.


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  1. According to my count Scotty is building on a few successful weeks in a row, he is 8-5 heading into Monday night.

    While me on the other hand is screwing things up big time. 6-7 with no chance to gain ground as we both picked

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