Farley’s Fantasy 6.0

Really Indy??? First Dallas Clark goes on IR, then you inform us that Austin Collie is getting surgery.  Was there a group discount for arm and hand surgeries that week?

The bottom line is there are one or two managers that are scrambling for replacements this week. Let me give you a list of quick replacements available in most leagues that could fill these two slots. 

Tight ends

Todd Heap- Heap is likely available and if he is cleared to play after Merriweather’s attempted murder he is a viable option.

Jermaine Gresham- Gresham was on his way to bust-town before hauling in a couple of TD passes. Palmer likes him near the goal line and with his latest pic-feast in Tampa he could become captain check down and play it safe by feeding the tight end.

Rob Gronkowski- A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon of Hernandez and rightfully so.  I still think both tight ends could be starting options if you have a bye week issue or are in a deep league.

Wide Receivers

Blair White- Notice I didn’t put up a tight end from Indy? Sure Tamme or Robinson will catch a TD here and there. However, when you are a fifth wide out getting looks over a second tight end it means one of two things. You are a star in the making, or you understand the offense better and you have Peyton’s trust. I’m going with option 2, White won’t be a bad option to keep an eye on in deeper formats. I’ll give A Gon some love too, this may be his last chance with Indy after a shaky two-year stretch with the club.

Patrick Crayton- With Legedu and Flloyd out Crayton put in a pretty impressive showing last week.  Recent news of Buster Davis being questionable only boosts Crayton’s value more.  This weekend he goes against a suspect Pats secondary, look for him to have a very solid game as I expect the Chargers to be playing from behind and slinging it in their normal fashion. 

Nate Washington- Washington could benefit most if Vince Young is out.  Kerry Collins is one of the best backups in the league and Washington is getting targeted in that offense already. I expect that number to go up with Collins at the helm.  Washington has 3 TDs this season and if that offense wasn’t so run oriented he would be a solid wr3 in fantasy formats.

 It is almost the halfway point through the season and its time to start taking some serious inventory on your roster.  See where you are weak and do what you have to strengthen tha position.  If you went running back heavy in the draft you probably have some guys that you can settle on and run with for the rest of the season.  If you followed my advice on Marshawn Lynch you now have a solid starting back in a shitty division who will get all the carries.  You’re welcome. My point is you are going to start sacrificing some depth to gain in areas where you are weak.  You may even have to move a big name to get more value.  Remember when you are looking for guys to add to your team check his matchups for the remainder of the season and you could find yourself in the winners circle my friend.

Fantasy Name of the Week

What Would Aromasho-do?


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