Bah Chattah: 10-22-10 Edition

Here at the NTCF we have found a love for writing in segments on a weekly basis.  We recap the Pats game, we offer up our NFL picks of the week, we recap the college football weekend, and we Mumble.  Last night as I was trying to will myself to sleep and losing the battle, I came up with another segment I could feature.  The idea is Bah Chattah.  Each weekend hard guys like to meet at the local watering hole, have a couple beers, watch the game, and chat about everything and nothing at the same time.  Each Friday I will strive to bring you what’s going on in the sporting world so you are prepared for the weekend hangouts.

This is a great weekend to start as all 4 major sports are in full force and effect. Here is what you will hear being discussed this weekend over a nice cold Budweiser.

*You may be tired of hearing it but the discussions about hits in football will continue.  The guys will discuss how awesome it is to watch a linebacker crunch someone going over the middle.  In New England, Brandon Meriweather will be a hot topic.  Do you love him or hate him? A wrinkle in this debate: Why doesn’t college football have the same problem?

*Monday morning the nation will know what the World Series matchup will be.  Both the ALCS and NLCS are going to at least a sixth game.  Can Philly stop the Giant magic? Will the Yankees be able to get by Cliff Lee?  The Phillies have Oswalt and Hamels to survive while the Yankees don’t have the luxury of having CC Sabathia or Mark Teixeira. A Rangers-Giants World Series would be refreshing and new but deliver next to nothing on the ratings schedule.  Yankees-Phillies would be more of the same over the past 3 years and have stronger ratings.

*The NHL Season is up and going and the Bruins are back.  Some are still leery of this franchise since they have been nothing but choke artists over the last 10 years.  On a personal note I remain optimistic and believe in them even though they broke my heart last year.  The big debate at the start of the season is Tuuka or Timmy between the pipes.  Rask was the victim of sloppy play in front of him in the season opener letting up 4 goals.  But everyone in Boston knows he’s better than that.  Tim Thomas has been standing on his head leading the B’s to four straight wins. The big argument is who is labeled “starter?” Or is this just a great audition by Thomas to other teams around the league that would make for a blockbuster trade by Cam Neely and company.

*Tuesday, October 26 has been circled on my calendar for quite some time.  The new look Miami Heat will travel to Boston to take on the Celtics in he opening game of the 2010-2011 NBA Season.  This game will be much discussed even though in the grand scheme of the season it means absolutely nothing.  I hope the Celtics win by 15 and send a message to the rest of the Association that they are not to be messed with.

Big Games this weekend

Yankees at Rangers, Friday night

Yankees at Rangers, Saturday (if necessary)

Giants at Phillies, Saturday

Giants at Phillies, Sunday (if necessary)

#1 Oklahoma vs. #11 Missouri, Saturday night

Vikings at Packers, Sunday night (Favre back at Lambeau)

*Scottie’s bold statement of the week:  LeBron James’ fall from grace has been a steeper decline than OJ Simpson, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant.  He will be booed at deafening levels in every arena he plays in this year that isn’t located in Miami.  He was once an icon, every child in America’s hero.  Now he is a villain of epic proportions who has made those same children that idolize him cry their eyes out with his disgusting self centered actions.  He truly is the most arrogant, awful, backstabber on the planet. To that, I am a witness.  We are all witnesses.