Farley’s Fantasy 5.0

Week 5 has come and gone and there are some big injuries and big names either coming back to your team, or hindering them.

Welcome back Ben Rapelessburger! Fresh off of his rapecation he will be back in the Starting lineup for the Steelers and is rewarded with a matchup against the Browns.  The only time I bring the Browns up is when I claim to “bring them to the super bowl”. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is, Yes, when I take a dump I announce it.

Speaking of dumps, if you’re not in a dynasty or five man keeper league its safe to dump JerMichael Finley. Finley went under the knife this week and what was thought to be a 3 week fix has turned into a likely stay on the IR. 

Another big injury in Green Bay is the possible missed start looming for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  All seems to be well as the gun slinger practiced today and was cleared by doctors.  Clay Matthews injury will not be mentioned because I am not in an IDP league and you shouldn’t be either.

I’m back on my diamonds in the rough steeze so please read the following guys you want to grab.

Deji Karim- Karim is MJD’s backup, well sort of. Rashad Jennings has been dinged up and in his playing time Karim has looked impressive.  With MJD’s wrist injury Karim could be a store away guy if you are in a deep league.

James Starks- I have been holding out on you guys for a couple of weeks with Starks.  Ever since Grant went down early in the season I have had Starks on my radar. Starks is a rookie running back that will be coming off the PUP list for the Packers after next week. I was going to wait one more week but I figured I would give you guys a head start on the competition.  Now while Brandon Jackson isn’t doing a terrible job as the fill-in for Grant.  When Marshawn Lynch was traded to Seattle there were a lot of grumblings from the Packers players and amongst the media in cheesetown.  If they were satisfied with Jackson would this be happening? Sure I could be blowing smoke, but with all of the free agents in the mean time that havent found a home since Grant went down, and running backs bein traded, why has Green Bay sat back?  James Starks is my answer and if you have room for him on your roster pick him up! If you don’t have room, drop Brian Westbrook, he’s 90!

Anthony Armstrong- If you watched ESPN’s top ten you would have seen Armstrong hauling in a bomb   from McNabb in the Packers game last Sunday (this highlight unfortunately does not contain him “doin the Dougie”).  Armstrong has shown flashes of a big play type of receiver. He is averaging 26.8 per catch and in an offense that desperately needs a big play, his opportunities should increase over the next few games.

Talking Trades

With the NFL trade deadline approaching I thought it would be a good time for me to share the most important thing when executing a trade mid-season. 

Playoff matchups are key- This is something that goes overlooked a lot.  If you are going to trade for someone make sure you check who they play in the final 3-4 weeks of the fantasy season.  Sure they may be playing the Bills in week 5, but who are they playing when you need him the most? This is one of the reasons I was low on Mendenhall and I don’t care what he’s done for you to this point in the season, I would try to trade him (SELL HIGH!!!). Mendenhall squares off against the Ravens, Bengals and Jets in week 13-15. 


Sidney Rice and Vincent Jackson- The owners of these two must be stubborn if they still have them, (I have Jackson in 3 leagues FML right) now is the time to dangle that electric rabbit and pull them around the track. If you have a marginal guy that may have had a good week or are simply loaded at one position and need WR help, it may be worth throwing someone out there to make your team stronger for the playoffs.

Matt Schaub- Last week may have been his first week off of the fantasy blog post but I couldn’t leave him off again.  He has been up and down all season and with some undrafted guys playing well (Sanchez, Orton, Hill) you may be able to pry Schaub away for lesser value than in week three.  Remember, the answer to a trade never proposed is always no!


Rashard Mendenhall- I have already covered this but with Big Ben returning there will be more passes and as I mentioned earlier, his playoff schedule sucks!

Matt Forte- Yes, he’s been playing great and you probably got him at great value for the numbers he is putting up.  However, week 15 either the finals or semi finals of fantasy football he plays the Vikings, in the dome.  Minnesota’s run defense has been #1 4 out of the last 5 season, the season they weren’t number one you ask…..2nd! If your league finals are week 16 then Forte will be facing the Jets. Just a thought people.

Fantasy name of the week (an oldie but a goodie)

Texas Chainsaw Massquoi


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