October Mumbles

*So the Boston Red Sox ownership group did not have enough money to seal the deal to sign Mark Teixeira but they have enough to buy the Liverpool soccer franchise?  For those keeping track at home, since the Yankees signed Teixeira they have won a World Series and are now in the ALCS.  The Red Sox have been swept in the first round of the playoffs and didn’t make the playoffs this year.  While I understand that businessmen are out to make as much money as they can, and look to jump into profitable ventures, I as a fan, do not want my owners out spending money on other franchises.  When they bought this team in 2002, they pledged their undying devotion to putting the most competitive team on the field possible.  This purchase of Liverpool will be a clear conflict hindering their ability to pay top dollar for prized players.  They don’t even own Liverpool yet and already missed out on a perennial all star because they didn’t want to pay him and extra 12 million.

*The Boston Bruins have the luxury of a two headed monster at the goalie position.  Most are saying that there is a goalie controversy brewing in Boston between Tuuka Rask and Tim Thomas.  I feel the Bruins should embrace this.  Last season they had the 2 lowest goals against averages in the league.  It’s a fact that they are two of the best in the world at what they do.  In football most teams have two running backs as opposed to one.  Why not adopt this formula?  Keep both players healthy all season and reap the benefits.  Come playoff time ride the hot goalie.

*This NFL season has been one of the most unpredictable yet exciting seasons in recent memory.  This is evident by the fact that I simply can’t pick the winners at a high rate on any given Sunday.  One week the Giants are awful and then the next they look like contenders for the Super Bowl.  One week the Texans look like clear favorites to go deep into the playoffs, the next they look like the Texans of old.  While it is maddening not being able to pick winners successfully, this NFL season embodies all that is great with sports.  There is so much parity in the NFL that every game on the schedule is interesting.  I once thought the NFL was an overrated enterprise.  I once was a damn fool.

*Speaking of things changing on a week to week to basis in football, how about the Green Bay Packers?  They were a heavy favorite to be playing in the Super Bowl by many experts in the preseason.  Now they are football’s version of the Boston Red Sox, decimated by injuries.  Jermichael Finley is out for the season.  Aaron Rodgers may miss Sunday’s game with a concussion.  Ryan Grant’s season was over after three quarters of football.  Clay Matthews is also dealing with injuries.  The plethora of injuries the Packers have faced has been incredible.  It will be interesting to see if they can be as resilient as the Sox were with their misfortunes.  Both teams have shown that all hopes and expectations can be dashed with a rash of injuries.

*On a non sports related but Boston related note, I recently saw The Town, the new movie written by and starring Ben Affleck.  I tend to enjoy any movie that is set in Boston, (Good Will Hunting, The Departed, Mystic River) and The Town was no exception.  There was plenty of action in the movie to make me forget how Affleck is not cut out to be a lead actor. Affleck is a very talented writer and a solid supporting actor but should never be confused with Matt Damon or Leonardo Dicaprio when it comes to lead acting ability. That being said, I enjoyed the action and the sights of Boston.  Anyone with similar interests should check it out.

*A long over due Rest In Peace wish to the late Pawtucket Red Sox owner, Ben Mondor who passed away last week.  I attribute my childhood memories of going to McCoy Stadium and watching the Pawsox play to him.  There was a time when the Pawsox future in Rhode Island was in doubt but Mondor came in and saved the franchise.  I will always remember taking my milk carton, Sharpie, and ball to the game seeing what autographs I could get.  Any Rhode Islander can relate to what I am talking about.  Thank you for everything Mr. Mondor.

*With baseball on the mind, I believe the Phillies are the team to beat looking ahead to the World Series.  Pitching wins playoff baseball.  That has been proven time and time again.  The Phills have three of the best in the game in Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt.  While their pitching is beyond awesome, don’t forget that they have a very potent lineup as well.  Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Jayson Werth will provide the offense needed to get the Phillies to their 3rd World Series in a row and a rematch with the New York Yankees.

*Lastly, this whole Bret Favre situation is making me nauseous.  Not because it’s Favre and I don’t like him to begin with, but it make me wonder why professional athletes feel the need to take pictures of their junk and send it around.  Other culprits that I shake my head at include Greg Oden and Brandon Spikes.  I am sure there are more that I am failing to mention but the message I want to relay is clear…Stop being an idiot! By doing stupid things, you make yourself a punchline.  This is criticism you can avoid!  But no, you have to be a jackass.

*It’s coming….


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