The Bruins Choose Thomas as Number One

Tim Thomas

Admittedly, the title of this post was meant to be alluring, controversial, and completely satirical. I am, at this juncture in the season, choosing to satirize myself, due to the hole the Bruins have dug in the world of Tim Thomas fandom. A Thomas campaign advocate from last year may theorize the following. Every game and every moment this season, will appear to me as the cusp of change, and in the wake of a more than stellar, outmatched performance by Tim Thomas in the second game of this season, as opposed to Rask’s efforts in the first, Tiimmy should be the B’s go to, number one, goaltender. A neutral, know-nothing fan, would ask for a platoon-ing of goaltenders, which in all honesty and for viable comparison, is like saying that in week 5, week 11 and week 15, let’s start Hoyer over Brady. Not to say Thomas won’t get his backup starts in, however platoon-ing is non-sensical in te NHL, when you are nursing a sophomore, Vezina potential candidate, net minder. A real Bruins fan would say, “No satire, no call for Rask to sit just because his GA is 5.00 and Thomas’ is 0.00, after two games. There are no grounds, yet, for such an argument to begin. Rask MUST remain at number one.” This real Bruins fan quote brought to you by a Tim Thomas fan, and the president of the “Rask must win me a Cup, before I will look at him as anything other than a 12-year-old Slovakian volleyball player” club. Rask performed well, however wins translate from goalie-to-defense chemistry, and with the way the defense is skating, Rask will continue to live and die by their performance, until he can settle in and finish out victories.

Let’s Make a Deal, Finally

Signing the captain to a seven-year deal and the should-be captain to a three-year deal, Chara and Bergeron respectively, was a phenomenal move, however was only enough to result in a split in Prague. The Bruins are finally realizing who to build the team around, and I can only hope Bergeron gets the offensive zone possession time he needs to make things happen, and Chara stays healthy.

Age Before Beauty, Unless He Can Score

Tyler Seguin getting his first goal, on the break away, in the third, a game sealer at that, is nothing to “Crosby stamp” him over, however it was very pretty, refreshing to watch as a Bruins fan, and an extremely hopeful and exciting foreshadowing of what could be a great career. Mr. Chiarelli, it would be nice to hold on to Seguin, instead of trading him to the Sharks. Thank you. P.S. I love his dynamic with Bergeron. They make a great couple.

Sidenote: Recchi looks older. Get him off the first line, and give him to Seguin. Seguin is young, and quick, and needs as much veteran guidance as he can fit into his small head. Recchi’s very slow this year, and as a matter of fact, everyone that has been playing the offensive blue line must have dull skates. Four breakaways in game one? Condition better, or get me some smarter defensemen. Maybe then I won’t have to bash Rask every week, because contrary to popular belief I don’t want too.


Brad Marchand is the best thing to come out of the P-Bruins organization this year, and with the farm equivalent filled with defensive talent, it will be easy for him to remain, shine, and become what so many before him have failed to succeed in becoming; an NHL hockey player. I say keep him, and when Ryder slumps, and Wheeler flops, as they look like they will continue to do, look for Marchand to see a third line reward in his future.

In Horton We Trust

The Lucic-Krejci-Horton line is going to remain great throughout a line shifting may-lay that will be the B’s offense. Top line in the NHL anyone? Answer: YES.

I Miss Marc Savard

A struggling powerplay only symbolizes the internal struggles I feel in my heart. Get Well Soon Savvy. Their powerplay will not get any better. I predict middle of the pack rankings, no difference making abilities, and Krejci and Bergeron side possession highlighted only by a Recchi and/or Horton net rush, to be the only offensive threats. 

Seidenberg – Week One Bust Out (Negative Connotation)

Seidenberg reminds me too much of Dennis Wideman. Comparison translation – I don’t think I like him. He plays too much like an offensive minded defenseman, which does not, has not and will not fit into the B’s scheme. Get physical, sir, and make an effort to protect Rask; he is sensitive.

Next Game

Game Three is Saturday, 10/16. Rask WILL start versus the Devils, or should. I predict the B’s to win, only because the Devils can’t find it yet. The B’s, with that second line, and a boosted Seguin ego, may have found offense for the first time in 6 years. We’ll see…


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