Down Goes Alabama; My Crystal Ball is Broken

After a hectic weekend, I am delivering the college football recap a day late.

What a Saturday it was!  The favorite to win the national title was taken down by Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks in convincing fashion 35-21.  I was in total disbelief when I saw this news through my cell phone application in the bathroom of a rather nice dining establishment Saturday night.  I thought I was it was malfunctioning.  But the Gamecock defense was able to keep Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson at bay, and provide Tide quarterback Greg McElroy his first loss since 8th grade.  Boise State and TCU fans were ecstatic with this result as Alabama proved I that I am terrible at predictions.  They no longer have a shot of getting into the title game.  This was further proof that SEC football is the equivalent to Big East basketball.

With the Alabama loss, Ohio State jumped into the number one spot in the college polls after annihilating Indiana 38-10.  The other top teams also took care of business rather easily defeating their opponents as Oregon blasted Washington State 43-23 and Boise State beat Toledo 57- 14.

LSU and Auburn both survived scares in the minefield that is SEC football.  LSU squeaked by Florida 33-29 and Auburn got by an upstart Kentucky program 37-34.

If you have been following this recap all season long, you know that I have been sipping the Denard Robinson Kool-Aid with some reservations.  These reservations proved true as Michigan was trounced by Michigan State 34-17.  Michigan football is like death and taxes, as they are certain to win their first four games against weak opponents in impressive fashion, then lay an egg when the true competition comes on the schedule.  Robinson lost his Heisman trophy Saturday as he threw 3 interceptions and scored only 2 touchdowns against the Spartan defense.

With the Alabama losing and Robinson laying an egg, my two predictions for year end hardware have gone down.  Although my crystal ball is apparently broken I am still looking into it.  At this time I see my worst nightmare, a Boise State-TCU matchup for the national championship.  I also see Kellen Moore holding the most prestigious award in college sports at the end of the season.

Yes, I think every other team that is in contention for a berth to Pasadena has to tough a schedule to get through to obtain that plane ticket.  Boise State and TCU play nobody and will benefit from that which is very unfortunate.  This is why I beg for some sort of college football playoff system


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