Scottie vs. Matty Week 5

Well, after the shellacking I took last week, I haven’t been able to walk with my head held high at all.  My record of 31-31 is beyond embarrassing.  I am a fraud and Matty O has jumped ahead of me by 7 games.  The only thing I have going for me is that the season is young and I have plenty of time to catch him and plenty of time to get my dignity back.  If you are reading this and are a betting man, I advise you to do the opposite as I predict.  There will be big money in it for you.

10-4 last week…enough said.  I have a solid lead on Scotty, so I’m taking some risks this week.  Let’s do it…


Scottie: Jaguars

The Jags are fresh off an upset of the Colts and were able to throw up 31 points against them somehow someway.  Buffalo just traded what has been there whole offense so far to Seattle.  The Bills can’t move the ball let alone score points.  Jaguars roll.

Matty: Jaguars

I want nothing more here than to pick the Bills.  I have a feeling that C.J. Spiller is going to break out and have a huge game.  Not to mention, the Jaguars are coming off of a huge emotional high after beating the Colts.  Teams stereotypically under perform after a huge win.  But, against my better judgement, I have to go with the Jags.  I can’t see the Bills getting more than two wins this season, and they aren’t getting one against the Jags.

Bucaneers @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals

TO exploded for 220 yards last week in a losing effort.  The Bengals have too much talent on their team to resort themselves to Bunghole status.  A game at home against a weaker team is just what they need to get back on track.  Look for big days from OchoCinco and TO.

Matty: Bucaneers

For this game, I’m going with my gut.  I’ve got a formidable lead on Scotty, so I can afford to take a few risks.  The Bucs are coming off of a bye, which gave them two weeks to prepare for the underperforming Bengals.  Cedric Benson has yet to have the impact that he has in 2009.  TO had a great game last week, but his 200+ yard effort still resulted in a loss.  I find myself being very leery of the Bengals this season, as they keep finding ways to lose.

Falcons @ Browns

Scottie: Falcons

The Falcons are making a serious push for championship contender status.  They have a strong offense led by Matt Ryan.  He is equipped with an aresenal of weapons featuring Roddy White, Michael Turner, and Tony Gonzalez.  Even though the Browns took down Cincy last week they still stink.

Matty: Falcons

The Falcons are looking more and more like a Super Bowl contender in the NFC.  Michael Turner has struggled so far this season, but expect a big day out of him on Sunday against one of the league’s worst defenses.

Rams @ Lions:

Scottie: Lions

Last week the Lions put a scare into the Packers behind a strong performance from Shaun Hill.  It looks like he has finally developed some chemistry with Calvin Johnson.  I really do like the Rams this season even though I always pick against them.  But I feel the Lions are starting to come together and they can utilize their home field advantage and take down the Rams.

Matty: Rams

The Lions have shown nothing that makes me believe that they can stop Steven Jackson.  The Rams have shown nothing that makes me believe that they can stop Calvin Johnson.  Running backs touch the ball more than wide receivers.  Advantage Rams…

Chiefs @ Colts

Scottie: Cheifs

The Colts are injured. Peyton only has two real options to throw to this week seeing that Collie and Garcon are likely out.  The Chiefs will continue to surprise the league beating the Colts by running over the Colts defense with their two headed attack in Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Matty: Colts

I think that Jamaal Charles is going to have a huge week against the Colts.  Indy is the worst team in the league in giving up rushes of 10 yards or more, and Charles is one of the most explosive runners in the NFL.  That being said, no shot Peyton Manning lets the Colts lose in consecutive weeks to the Jaguars and Chiefs.

Packers @ Redskins


The Packers survived a scare from the Lions last week and the Redskins are coming off of an emotional victory in Philly. I don’t believe in the Redskins at all and believe they were simply fortunate Vick went down and the useless Kevin Kolb was forced into the game.  Aaron Rodgers and company have more questions than the Redskins D has answers for.  Green Bay wins by two touchdowns.

Matty: Packers

Surprisingly, the Washington Redskins have the 31st ranked pass defense in the NFL.  Considering the talent that they have in the secondary (Carlos Rogers, DeAngelo Hall, Laron Landry) that is a shocking statistic.  Look for Aaron Rodgers and crew to rebound from a lackluster performance against the Lions and grab a win in the nation’s capital.

Bears @ Panthers

Scottie: Bears

Jay Cutler is out for this game after being sacked silly (9 times) to the tune of a concussion against the Giants last week.  The Panthers do feature one of the strongest running games in the NFL with Stewart and Williams but Jimmy Claussen is still a project.  The Bears defense is much too stout for him to handle.  Look for Todd Collins to manage the game and utilize Matt Forte to take down the Cats.

Matty: Panthers

Without Cutler, I don’t see the Bears having much of a shot this game.  I mean sure, the Bears are going to throw 8 or 9 guys in the box and dare Jimmy Clausen to beat them, but I actually think that the kid might have it in him (even without Steve Smith).  Forte is averaging just over 33 yards a game rushing on the season, so for him to dominate the game would be a big change in strategy.  Look for DeAngelo Williams and Jon Stewart to take this game over en route to a Panthers victory.

Broncos @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens

I do love Kyle Orton.  I love how nobody respects him yet he continues to win and throw up solid numbers without any true recieving threats.  Unfortunately, as much as I like Orton I like the Ravens defense a helluva lot more.  The Ravens are slowly becoming a very dangerous team and the Broncos are no match for them.

Matty: Broncos

I love the Ravens this season.  They are my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.  But, I just have a feeling about this one.  Like Scotty said, Kyle Orton is putting up numbers (the Broncos are 1st in the NFL in passing yards per game).  The Ravens’ lone defensive weakness is at corner.  I expect the Broncos to sneak out of Baltimore with a victory by a late game field goal.

Giants @ Texans

Scottie: Texans

I tried hating on the Texans last week to the tune of picking the Raiders over them.  Then Arian Foster ran all over my face.  That’s the last time I disrespect the Texans.  The Giants defense was great last week but aren’t good enough to stop this offensive machine.  Plus, Eli sucks.

Matty: Texans

So now Scotty is on the Texans bandwagon, huh?  The Giants defensive line had one of the most dominating performances that I have even seen against the Bears last week.  But, unlike the Bears, the Texans have a very formidable run game.  Look for the Texans to pound the ball in the first half to slow down the Giants’ defensive ends, and then air it out in the second half, leading to a 4-1 start in Houston.

Saints @ Cardinals:

Scottie: Saints

The Saints are a totally different team without Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush in the backfield.  Chris Ivory and Ladell Betts just don’t bring the same punch to the offense.  Fortunately, the Saints schedule has been weak over the past few weeks and it doesn’t get any stronger with the Cardinals.  Who dey?

Matty: Saints

Max Hall finally made his way into the starting lineup.  Undrafted rookie quarterback against one of the most turnover-hungry defenses in the NFL.  No further explanation is necessary.

Chargers @ Raiders

Scottie: Chargers

Last week I showed some to the Raiders saying they would knock off the Texans.  That will be the last time I do that.  The Chargers offense is looking good and the Raiders are still the Raiders.

Matty: Chargers

Darren McFadden is apparently “very unlikely” to play with a hamstring injury.  That means Michael Bush will be getting the full workload.  Bush is formidable, but a healthier Ryan Mathews and a virtually unstoppable Antonio Gates I don’t see that Chargers losing this one.

Titans @ Cowboys

Scottie: Cowboys

Dallas is fresh off their bye week and they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for Chris Johnson and company.  They do boast a strong defense and Chris Johnson hasn’t been as explosive as he was last year.  The Tennessee secondary may be the best in football but Romo has too many weapons.  I will regret this because VY wins ball games but I’m taking the Boys here.

Matty: Titans

My main compadre CV let me down last week.  He guaranteed a Titans victory last week, so I picked them, and they laid an egg.  I’m sticking with him again this week, but Tennessee (and CV) are on a short leash.

Eagles @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

This is the week the 49ers get into the win column.  The Eagles aren’t a very good team with Kevin Kolb under center.  The 49ers are way too talented to go 0-5.  There is no way on God’s green earth I see the 49ers losing this game, especially at home.  If they do lose by some freak accident, Mike Singeltary will be fired.

Matty: 49ers

Similarly to Scotty’s beliefs, there is no shot that the 49ers start 0-5.  Yes, I understand that I said that last week.  But this defense is energized, realizing that they have to win games because the offense is incapable.  The Eagles looked pathetic last week with Kolb under center, and I can’t see much changing against one of the league’s best defenses (at least I still believe they are one of the league’s best).

Vikings @ Jets

Scottie: Jets

There are a bunch of story lines for this Monday night matchup as the Vikings come to New York.  Bret Favre’s return to the Jets and Randy Moss’s first game in his second tour of duty with the Vikings.  I still think Favre sucks and I am especially excited to see how many interceptions he will throw now that he will be forcing the ball to him as if he has no other recievers to throw to.  LaDainian Tomlinson is back and the Jets won’t turn the ball over, punish the Vikings on the ground, and capitalize on Bret’s 3 interceptions.

Matty: Vikings

When the proverbial stuff hits the fan, Favre can now just toss it up to Randy Moss.  The Vikes made an agreement with Moss to not franchise him at the end of the season.  That means Randy is on a quest to have a huge season, looking for his last big contract.  Moss looks to have a huge game against Revis to prove that he still is a top wideout in the league, and when you can’t get it to Moss, AP isn’t a bad option.