Farley’s Fantasy 4.0

OK rough week at work and a lot has happened!

First we start with the obvious Moss to Minny move.  

So, to address the week I will first say that every Minnesota player not named Berrian has a boost in value after the trade.  Berrian, you suck beat it! Better yet rent a boat and take a cruise with JaMarcus Russell, invite some hookers and grab as much purple drank as you can find.  That is the only way you will make an impact on this team. Moss has Favre owners thanking their lucky stars they don’t have to wait for Sidney Rice to start the old bag.  This will help Peterson who is already having a great start to see less guys in the box.  Shiancoe will have more room to operate and although he may lose some goal line targets, I expect him to exploit the middle even more.  Harvin’s receptions should go up and he should see more opportunities under coverage similar to Shiancoe in the middle.  As for Moss, the throw it up style is what he was made for and he has the prefect quarterback to do it.  The only thing to keep an eye on is how far can Brett throw the ball these days?  The last few games I have questioned the veterans arm strength and if he can’t make the big throw, brace yourselves people….Tavaris the irrelevant Jackson would be a better option for Moss! Jackson has a huge arm and the old-school Vikings throw it up offense would work better with him.  The Monday night matchup is a tough one for Favre and co. but I think he will be fine.

I am not going to get into the studs and duds for this week quite frankly because I don’t feel like it. However the buy low sell high aspect is about to get broken the #@%! down right now!

Buy Low Sell High


Brandon Tate- I know what you’re thinking, I have been waiting to get Brandon Tate in my lineup since the Moss speculation and when the deal broke you think this is the opportunity! What if he sucks? Chances are if he is on your roster you have hopefully three other guys you have been playing over him anyway.  Tate’s value could take a major hit and it may get higher, but right now I say strike while the iron is hot.  Unless you are in a return yardage league trade him before he struggles with the opportunities he gets.  Plus, in my personal opinion the two tight ends made out in this deal, not Tate.

Lesean McCoy- The guys got a broken rib so his value may not be as high as you need it to be, however his stat line is very impressive. If you have RB depth or can trade for one, I would advise it.  Philly’s offense with Kolb is more pass oriented and if Vick misses considerable time McCoy will see less touches on the ground.  McCoy is kind of a tweener with this section because depending on your opinion he could be a great buy low option for an owner who is scared by the rib injury and has RB depth. 

Brandon Lloyd- Lloyd had a monster of a game this weekend with 11 grabs for 100+ yds. Denver’s offense has been throwing the ball at record pace!  The only problem I have with Lloyd is his track record.  He has been in the league for so long and owners have been waiting for him to break out.  He has great size and adequate speed to be a potential stud but it hasn’t happened. Is this the year? I can’t answer that but I can go based on the facts.  Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney, and Demaryius Thomas who is getting first round money are all competing for catches.  My advice would be to deal Lloyd now and cash in on this waiver wire gem. 


Ray Rice- Rice has been putting up sub-par numbers especially for a 3rd or 4th overall pick.  Chances are if you have him on your roster you have been struggling with the thought of possibly dealing your stud.  If you don’t have him on your roster you are licking your chops to hopefully take advantage of a dumb owner who is willing to part with his star player.

Michael Crabtree- I know I hate him too. If you have this guy on your roster you would gladly give him away for a handy and a slap in the face, odd combination I know.  That is the point of this column, you have to buy low on guys exactly like him.  Listen you could get Crabtree at a ridiculous cost, he may even be on the waiver wire right now.  My point is you don’t have to give up much to get a potential WR 2 option that will no doubt help you if you are strapped for a receiver.

Mike Sims-Walker- Same situation as Crabtree besides the fact that MSW actually had one good week.  The Jags put up 30 on Indy last week and he got nothing! I doubt that it happens again and if the offense starts to click and Garrard keeps his chron’s disease in check Walker could benefit.  Sell a ham sandwich for this guy and add solid depth to your roster.

Fantasy name of the week

Peyton does Dallas