Randy Moss Reaction

What did anyone expect?  Honestly, is this really as shocking as most are making it out to be?  Randy Moss has a new team, that is not as big of a deal as people would like to believe.  Compare it to the Celtics.  Randy Moss was brought to New England with a window of time to get it done (win a championship), and the Patriots came within minutes of reaching that goal.  The next year in 2008 they came in as a favorite to go to the Super Bowl again, then Brady went down in week 1, and although a considerable effort was made by Cassel, 2 years were gone.  Last year the Patriots could not win a game on the road and for that matter could not get it done when they were given a home game in the playoffs, being trampled by Baltimore.  This year was questionable with the contract situations coming into the season.  Everyone expected Brady to get his money, which I still say is well deserved, but based on the numbers Moss has put up this season he must have been looking at Logan Mankins sitting in the midst of his contract dispute knowing that the Patriots were not going to give him the money he wanted.  If I were a betting man I would have to place money on the idea that not only did Randy want this, but unlike his post game interview in week 1, he went quietly to Belichick instead of airing it to the media.  Speaking of the coach, another “Classic Belichick” move done here, trading a 4th round pick to acquire Moss and now dealing him for a 3rd round pick, with rumors, only rumors, of trying to make a move towards Vincent Jackson.  Of course do not be surprised if Bill fields a winning team this year with or without replacing Moss.  From Minnesota, to Oakland, to New England and now back to Minnesota…if Randy Moss is not happy then he is not going to perform.  He may go down as one of, if not the greatest deep threat in the history of the game, but when he is talked about by football historians, his achievements will always be followed with a line somewhere in the realm of, “Buutttt, his attitude was absolutely shitty,” or maybe even, “Those things he did were great, but he started the DIVA phase of wide receivers.”


2 Responses

  1. Along with Moss the Vikings also received a 2012 7th round pick.

  2. Ultimately I like this deal because…name one receiver Brady had in his Super Bowl years…ok maybe true fans can but where are those names today?

    Brady was infatuated with the idea of throwing to Moss now he will get back to the true Tom Brady and win ball games

    I hate to say it but I completely agree with Michael Felger on this. The Pats are a better team today than they were yesterday.

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