Week Four: MattyO vs. ScottieP

After last week’s abysmal showing, my confidence is at a season low.  I went 7-9 dropping my record to 25-23.  Matty O did work, picking 11 out of the 16 games correctly pushing him ahead of me to 28-20.  He has whooped me the past 2 weeks for lack of a better way of wording it.  I made the mistakes of having faith in Eli, jumping on the Texan bandwagon, and underestimating Matt Ryan.  I will not let it happen again.  I also have come to the point where I need to write my thoughts down about my pick so I can figure out what my thinking was when I look back on it.  This week’s game of the week in my eyes, Patriots @ Dolphins.

Last week wasn’t even close.  I’m on my way to making this a no-contest competition in the near future.  Scotty has resorted to switching up the format to change his luck around, but there is no shot I relinquish this lead.  Let’s do it…

49ers @ Falcons:

Scottie: Falcons

As much as I can’t see the 49ers going 0-4 to start the season, I have to go with a hot Falcon team thats playing at home. The 49ers have some holes on defense and their offense is a mess.  Look for Ryan to exploit it and Atlanta to grab the W.

Matty: 49ers

Mike Singletary and the 49ers are too good of a team to go 0-4.  I think very highly of the Falcons, previously predicting them to go far into the playoffs.  That being said, big players step up in big games.  Look for a huge day from Frank Gore and Patrick Willis, en route to a Niner victory.

Bengals @ Browns

Scottie: Bengals

Yeah, the other Peyton ran amuck against the Ravens defense last week.  But that’s all they have going for them.  The Bengals are solid on both sides of the ball and this one shouldn’t be close.

Matty: Bengals

Many have been looking for a breakout game from the Bengals since the start of the season.  This Browns team is a bit more explosive with Seneca Wallace at quarterback, but there isn’t much hope for them in this game.

Jets @ Bills

Scottie: Jets

The Bills are among 3 or 4 teams that are playing for the number 1 draft pick right now.  With LT returning to form, a strong defense even without Revis, and Sanchize managing the game the Jets won’t only win this game but will win the AFC East.

Matty: Jets

Andrew Luck played pretty well against Oregon on Saturday night.  The Bills focus should be on drafting a quarterback highly in the 2011 draft, because their season is going to be ugly.

Seahawks@ Rams

Scottie: Seahawks

The Rams are a young and exciting team led by Sam Bradford and have a stud running back in Stephen Jackson.  If Jackson wasn’t nursing a groin injury I’d be in favor of the Rams here as I have come to believe that they are in the right position to get back to being competitive.  But no Jackson, and I don’t believe in Kenneth Darby.  Seahawks it is.

Matty: Rams

Apparently Steven Jackson is active and will start, but his effectiveness will be limited by the injury.  But, the Seahawks are terrible on the road, St. Louis squeaks it out with a late game field goal.

Broncos @ Titans

Scottie: Titans

Kyle Orton has had a great time throwing against cupcake defenses so far this season.  He will get his first test against one of the top secondaries in football.  Orton has no running game to speak of and well, Vince Young wins football games

Matty: Titans

I haven’t been high on the Titans at all this season (picking against them in both games that they won).  But, my buddy CV is a huge Titans fan and has me convinced that they will be victorious on Sunday.

Lions @ Packers

Scottie: Packers

Green Bay, even without Ryan Grant, is a Super Bowl favorite.  The Lions can’t get the ball to Calvin Johnson without Matthew Stafford and Jahvid Best is a bit banged up as well.  Even in perfect the health, the Lions have no shot against the Pack.

Matty: Packers

When Calvin Johnson catches passes the Lions win.  When Calvin Johnson doesn’t catch passes the Lions lose.  With Shaun Hill seemingly unable to get the ball to Megatron, the Lions don’t have much of a shot of grabbing a victory in Green Bay.

Ravens @ Steelers

Scottie: Ravens

The Steelers have gotten off to an undefeated start without Rothelisberger using the likes of Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch under center.  The Steelers defense has been number one in the league.  The Ravens are finding their stride with Flacco finding Boldin.  Once Ray Rice gets healthy the Ravens could easily be destined for Dallas in February.

Matty: Ravens

If you love hard hitting, defensively sound games, then this is the one for you (I’ll be watching).  The Steelers have been great without their starting quarterback, but I question the longevity of their success.  An entire week for Ray Lewis and the Ravens defense to prepare for Charlie Batch should hinder his success.  Look for a big game from Joe Flacco, leading the Ravens to victory.

Panthers @ Saints

Scottie: Saints

Jimmy Clausen was flat out atrocious last week in his NFL debut. The only team worse than the Panthers might be the Bills. Brees and company will be looking to get back on track after a heartbreaking loss to the Falcons with the ageless wonder John Carney now kicking for them.  See you later Garret Hartley.

Matty: Saints

If you’re a veteran player on the Panthers, how do you feel about the team essentially mailing it in for the season by starting Clausen and focusing on the future?  I can’t believe that you would be very motivated.  Drew Brees will look to have a big game after a mediocre performance against the 49ers.

Colts @ Jaguars

Scottie: Colts

I find it funny that the worst teams in the league are playing some of the best in the league this week.  The Colts will trounce the hapless Jaguars.  The real Peyton will have a field day against the weak Jaguar secondary finding his favorite Collie time and time again.

Matty: Colts

I really don’t like to say that a team doesn’t have a chance, but sorry Jacksonville, you really don’t have a chance.  The Jags got smoked by the Eagles last week.  Expect a similar result against the Colts in Jacksonville.

Texans @ Raiders

Scottie: Raiders

There has been a Darren McFadden sighting on the left coast this year and in the weak AFC West the Raiders might be able to sneak into a playoff spot behind Bruce Gradkowski.  The Texans usually potent offense looked weak against the Cowboys.  Andre Johnson is hurt which significantly weakens them.  I like the Raiders in a mini upset here.

Matty: Texans

Come on Scotty.  The Raiders…really?  The Texans have the 2nd best rush defense in the NFL, which means that McFadden’s impact will be marginalized.  Andre Johnson said that the is going to play, so Asomugha will be dedicated to him, leaving the field open for Walter and Jacoby Jones to work.  Matt Schaub will light up the Raiders for a huge game.

Redskins @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles

McNabb returns to Philly.  He is expecting to hear some cheers.  This is a fan base that booed Santa Claus.  If McNabb is even talking about the ovation he is expecting its clear his head isn’t in the right place.  I expect Vick to run wild and the Philly defense to ensure a quiet return for McNabb.

Matty: Redskins

Donovan McNabb sets out to prove to all of Philadelphia that he still has a lot left in the tank.

Cardinals @ Chargers

Scottie: Chargers

This is the game the Chargers need to get themselves rolling.  The Cardinals are weak and have yet to find away to get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald.  Tim Hightower has fumblitiis and Beanie Wells isn’t healthy.  Chargers by 14.

Matty: Chargers

It must be tough to be a Cardinals fan.  Just a couple of years removed from a trip to the Super Bowl, and now your team is one of the worst in the league.  Ryan Mathews returns this week, boosting their rushing attack (which was suprisingly good with Tolbert getting the bulk of the carries) and giving Philip Rivers just one more option to throw to.  Expect constant doubles on Larry Fitzgerald, leading to a Chargers win.

Bears @ Giants

Scottie: Bears

Eli Manning is terrible. Jay Cutler is legit.  The Bears defense was also stout last week against a great Packers offense.  I like the Bears and the Martz offense.  It is prone to turnovers but Cutler has the arm to make things happen, the smarts to make good decisions, and a Marshall Faulk like back in Matt Forte.  The Giants won’t stop them.

Matty: Giants

The Bears played a very good game against the Packers on Monday night.  Their defense was lights out and Cutler didn’t do enough to lose them the game.  I’m not sold on Jay Cutler’s ability to be a reasonably consistent quarterback, so I’m expecting him to completely unravel under the pressure that the Giants d-line (minus Kiwanuka) will bring.

Patriots @ Dolphins

Scottie: Dolphins

Yes, I make the pick at the risk of being hated for going against my hometown team.  But realistically speaking, the Patriots don’t win on the road, their defense is terrible, and no one will cover Brandon Marshall.  Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams usually run all over the Pats as well.  I expect a shootout that will come down to late in 4th, but Darius Butler will be picked on and lose his second game for the Pats.

Matty: Patriots

Last week, in my weekly review, I predicted a 28-24 Patriot victory.  I’m sticking by it.  Tom Brady is ready to prove all of the naysayers wrong.  He is primed for a huge game, which will alleviate some of the pressure that the defense will be facing.


3 Responses

  1. Going into Monday Night…
    Scottie -6-7
    Matty: 9-4

    This is crap

  2. Smoked for the third week in a row…

  3. That’s wut you get for picking against the pats Scotty, serves you right for not believing.

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