Farley’s Fantasy 3.0

Sorry for the delay people, believe it or not NTCF doesn’t pay me for my genius!

OK, hope everyone’s week two was just a little less awful than mine.  NO I don’t, I hope you all went 1-4. Yes, that’s right, five leagues people, it’s called dedication!


Mike Vick-  I have to give Vick a lot of credit for the way he’s been playing lately. He is becoming the fantasy stud so many people reached for in the past. The main difference in my opinion is Andy Reid. He has Vick looking like a quarterback that can run and not a running back that can throw.  Vick torched the Jags for 291 yds passing and 3 TD’s and added a rushing TD along with 30 yds on the ground. 

Anquan Boldin- If Q were on another team he would be one of my favorite players in the NFL hands down.  He is one of the best in the league at running after the catch as well as coming back from a broken face in record time.  Honestly, every time I see that hit from the Jets game where he gets smoked I cringe.  Then I wonder how he came back in two weeks! The guy is a beast and his performance last week shows you the potential of the Ravens offense.  Boldin chimed in for 8 catches 142 yds and 3 TD’s.  Baltimore will have to pass this weekend against the steel curtain.

Austin Collie- Here are some numbers for you- 27 Catches 359 yards and 4 TD’s. That is the season Austin Collie is having thus far.  Here are some more numbers for you- 14 catches 172 yards, 0 TD’s; 6 catches 81 yds, 0 TD’s; 18 catches 181 yds, 0 TD’s.  Those three fantasy busts to this point are Marques Colston, Michael Crabs-I am giving him this name because I would almost rather have Crabs than to have Crabtree on my roster at this point, TRUE STORY, and finally Steve(he has always been and will always be the other) Smith.  All three of these guys were drafted well ahead of the White Knight.  Collie had an outstanding game against the Broncos hauling in 12 passes for 172 yds and 2 TD’s. The capital of Texas has seemed to pass Garcon’ as the teams number two, and with Wayne getting double teamed worse than Matt Dillon in Wild Things, he has more importantly got Peyton’s trust, not to mention his fantasy owners.

Peyton Hillis- I can’t wait to her the AP and CJ owners whine after this ranking.  When a running back goes against the Baltimore Ravens defense and breaks one hundred yards it’s a big deal.  When a white glorified fullback gashes them for 144 yds rushing with 1 TD along with 36 yds receiving on 7 catches it’s an event! I couldn’t believe my eyes watching the tracker on the bottom of the television. I thought Hillis’ uncle Remus worked in the CBS truck or something.  For all of you that drafted Jerome Harrison…you deserve this.


Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark- I know I wrote about how Wayne was double teamed, but whats Clark’s excuse?  When you’re a stud wideout there are few times when you aren’t double teamed. Wayne had 4 catches for 65 yards and had a front row seat to the Austin Collie show. The Clark matchup was favorable in my opinion and going against him I was scared.  Lucky for my opponent Clark’s 5 catch 44 yd performance was plenty to beat my abortion of a team this weekend. 

Jahvid Best- You can give me the injury excuse all you want, but ask yourself this question…did owners know about this before the game? The answer is obviously no and if you had him on your team you were probably thin on running backs in the first place for starting him against the best run defense in football the past five years.  26 yds rushing and 13 receiving do not make a fantasy stud. 

Matt Schaub- It seems that Schaub loves this column.  Only problem is he’s been on the shit end of it more than he has been praised.  His 241 yards were disappointing and the fact that 100 of them came in a comeback effort in the fourth quarter means it should have been a lot worse.  Oh and don’t forget that interception for a negative two points, hurts when you lose by one! Screw you Matt, I can’t quit you!

I will not be going into the diamond in the rough portion of this article but I will give you some names before introducing a new idea that I had.  Three guys I think should be picked up are:

 The law offices of BenJarvis Green Ellis, Stephen Williams, and Ryan Torain.


That’s right people, this is absolutely my favorite game in fantasy football.  A brief background of me- I am a salesman, I love selling people, and in fantasy football there is no greater feeling than low-balling the shit out of some idiot because his guy had a rough start.  This is what wins you championships gentleman.


Tim Hightower- Listen I am not saying this guy is done for the season.  However, Beanie Wells at 80% last week was much more effective vs a bad team.  Last week was Hightower’s chance to outshine Wells and maintain the number one spot if not for just one more week, even though Wells was a little banged up.  I still think Hightower has some good games left in him, but by trading him now you are taking advantage of his stock while it’s still higher than a guy like Marshawn Lynch or the aforementioned Green Ellis.  If you can get a bona fide starter for Hightower than it will be a good deal.

Thomas Jones- Jones had 95 yards rushing last week and a TD.  There have been numerous reports of a time share and depth charts have him listed as the number one.  The Jamal Charles hype is starting to wear off and you need to take advantage of this because Charles will be in charge soon (buy low).  The Chiefs are trying to save JC for the long haul and the time share will end when the fantasy playoffs start.

Kyle Orton, Matt Ryan and  Mike Vick- That’s right people, quarterbacks are the best bargaining chips in the game.  I list these three quarterbacks because most likely out of the three only Matt Ryan was drafted as the starter for your team. At this point in the season Guys with quarterback problems are scrambling to find one.  Chances are, if you own one of these three, you have another guy on your team with higher value.  You have the option, no, you have the luxury to either run with the three listed here and sell your high value quarterback, or trade one of these waiver wire gems for a possible stud.  The choice is yours.


Larry Fitzgerald- Fitz hasn’t been playing poorly at all, but he hasn’t been a stud either.  With Steve Breastonplants going under the knife and Early Doucett’s tardy return, Fitzgerald will continue to build on his high target ratio.  Stephen Williams will be the number two and Fitzgerald owners are probably willing to take a flier on an over-achieving wideout with some other value he may need. You won’t regret trading for Fitz esp if you are in a keeper league.

Ben Rapelessburger- I didn’t feel like spelling his name and it makes sense, no? Listen the guy who has him had to draft a starter he was high on because he pretty much wasted a roster spot for five weeks (I counted the bye week geniuses).  Now is the time to try to trade for Big Ben if you are in quarterback trouble.  You could potentially land a guy who threw for 4,00 yards a year ago.  Here is some more food for thought. The Steelers play Baltimore, Cincy, and the Jets in the three playoff weeks; think they can run? Pick Ben up now boys and thank me later.

Maurice Jones-Drew- MJD owners are no doubt frustrated with their stud back. Bottom-line, he plays Indy this weekend Buffalo the next and is the only player on his team aside from that other hyphenated bust that is going to score.  Now I know its Friday but it is early in the morning, get on the laptops gentleman!!!

Fantasy Name of the week:

Lofa Bread Tatupu Platter