The 2010-2011 Providence College Friars

Now that I am officially back in school having to deal with URI students on a daily basis, the trash talking for the upcoming basketball season has already begun.  I’m not in the least bit concerned about playing a URI team coached by a guy who can’t even get his own kid to play for him.  But, all of the talk has gotten me pretty pumped for the upcoming college basketball season.  Unlike many so called “Friar faithfuls” I haven’t abandoned all hope for this team.  They have a great young recruiting class coming in and, in my opinion, one of the better young coaches in the Big East, if not the whole NCAA.  Say what you want about Keno’s disciplinary style, but the guy put a competitive product on the court from scraps that Tim Welsh left him.  Only one of his recruiting classes was on campus for the 2009-2010 season, and it contained the likes of Vincent Council, Bilal Dixon, and Duke Mondy; all of whom contributed significantly to the team as freshman.  I’m actually have moderate expectations for this team, littered with freshman and sophomores, a tenth place finish in the Big East would not be surprising (while most are picking them to finish 13th or below).

In the spirit of the upcoming NCAA basketball season, I want to give the fans what they are looking for.  Here is a quick outline/review of the 2010 recruiting class:

Gerard Coleman, SG

Ht: 6’4” Wt: 170lbs. High School: The Tilton School (NH)

This left handed wingman has one thing on his mind while on the court, putting the ball in the net.  He has the natural athletic ability to compete for a starting spot as soon as he steps foot on the Providence campus.  He is a good shooter from beyond the arc, but is most effective while putting the ball on the floor and either getting to the rim or pulling up for a mid range jumper.  Coleman is considered to be a good defender, being very disruptive in the passing lanes.  In order to consistently compete in the Big East, Coleman needs to continue to dedicate himself to the weight room to add some bulk.

ESPNU 100: #54       ESPN Position Rank: #17

Brice Kofane, PF

Ht: 6’8” Wt: 195lbs. High School: The Miller School (VA)

Kofane isBrice Kofane most notably known for the way that he plays the game.  He is an active, hardworking big man that is a great shot blocker and rebounder.  Shot blocking is an area that he Friars struggled with last season, so Kofane’s addition should help in that area.  Kofane’s offensive game isn’t necessarily strong, but his high activity level and motor lead to a lot of fast break and second chance points.  Kofane needs to improve his post-up game and put on some muscle.  But, with the lack of bigs on the roster, Kofane may be forced into action.

ESPN Position Rank: #46

Ron Giplaye, PF

Ht: 6’7” Wt: 240lbs. High School: Notre Dame Prep (MA)

Giplaye may be the most “physically” ready of the incoming freshman, weighing in at a solid 240lbs.  His physicality and upper body strength are a big plus for Giplaye, who uses these traits to make space on the low-post.  He is a great rebounder, even though he is only 6’7”.  His low-post game isn’t very refined yet, but he continues to improve on his close to mid-range jumper.  But, Giplaye is not a very good free throw shooter.  Sounds like a carbon copy of Jamine Peterson to me (same high school too).

ESPN Position Rank: #77

Dre Evans, PG

Ht: 5’10 Wt: 160lbs. High School: Carter H.S. (TX)

Evans is the smallest member of the 2010 recruiting class, measuring in at only 5’10”.  But, despite his small stature, Evans is certainly not lacking talent.  He somehow finds a way to get to the rim, but is most dangerous from the three point line.  He uses his quickness to get open and his smooth stroke to knock down long jumpers.  He is very good leading the fast break, consistently showing the ability to find the open man.  His size may make him a “pass first” point guard, but Evans has the ability to light up the score sheet.  At 6’1”, Evans would be a ESPNU 100 recruit.

ESPN Position Rank: #63

Alex Gavrilovic, PF

Ht: 6’9” Wt: 225lbs. High School: IMG Academy (FL)

In my opinion, Gavrilovich is the recruit that Keno Davis has been looking for.  As a European big man, Gavrilovich has a great combination of size and ability level which makes him a matchup nightmare.  Alex has the ability to hit long range jump shots, step behind the arc when necessary, and hit a turnaround jump shot when he gets down into the post.  Surprisingly, Gavrilovich is not afraid of getting physical.  Finishing above the rim, battling for rebounds, and playing tough low post defense are all strengths for Alex, who looks to make an immediate impact as a Friar.

ESPN Position Rank: No Grade – Post Grading Period

Bryce Cotton, PG

Ht: 6’0” Wt: 170lbs. High School: Palo Verde Magnet (AZ)

Cotton is a little sparkplug that was a late addition to the recruiting class after the Joe Young incident.  Cotton is a physical specimen.  At only 6’0”, Cotton combined with a fellow Arizona high school player to create one of the greatest slam dunk contests ever seen (check Cotton out on Youtube).  Little is known about Cotton because he did not sign until 8/30, but his athleticism will be yet another tool in Keno Davis’ bag for the upcoming season.

ESPN Position Rank: No Grade – Post Grading Period


PG – Vincent Council, SO

SG – Duke Mondy, SO

F – Marshon Brooks, SR

F – Kadeem Batts, FR (redshirt)

C – Bilal Dixon, SO


1.      Gerard Coleman – SG, FR

2.      Ray Hall – C, SR

3.      Ron Giplaye – F, FR

4.      Alex Gavrilovich – F, FR

5.      Dre Evans – PG, FR


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