Scottie vs. Matty Week 3 Edition

Last week Matty made a bit of a comeback after I became a bit cocky in my abilities.  After looking over my picks Tuesday morning I was confused by my thinking on Friday afternoon.  Last week Matty posted a record of 10-6 moving to 17-15 on the year, while I went 8-8 and moved to 18-14 for the campaign.  This week I hope to get back on track.  The game of the week being the Falcons vs the Saints.

I’m trying to keep the ball rolling this week, looking to eliminate any hope that Scotty has of winning this thing…

Titans @ Giants

Scottie- Giants

Matty- Giants

Matt’s thoughts: The G-Men got destroyed last week.  Is Kerry Collins or Vince Young starting?  Look for a Giants bounce-back win.

Steelers @ Buccaneers

Scottie- Steelers

Matty- Steelers

Matt’s thoughts: Buccaneers are off to a 2-0 start, but Pittsburgh’s defense is too good, all Charlie Batch has to do is not lose the game.

Bengals @ Panthers

Scottie- Bengals

Matty- Bengals

Matt’s thoughts: Jimmy Clausen is welcomed into the league by one of the NFL’s top defenses…good luck.

Browns @ Ravens

Scottie- Ravens

Matty- Ravens

Matt’s thoughts: The Ravens are a mean team.  They will contain Seneca Wallace and their offense will finally become a factor.

Cowboys @ Texans

Scottie- Texans

Matty- Cowboys

Matt’s thoughts: The Texans are playing well, but I can’t see the ‘Boys starting 0-3.

49ers @ Chiefs

Scottie- 49ers

Matty- 49ers

Matt’s thoughts: The 49ers played well enough to beat the Saints, but they take out their frustrations on this surprising Chiefs team.

Lions @ Vikings

Scottie- Vikings

Matty- Vikings

Matt’s thoughts: Similar to my feelings about the Cowboys, the Lions aren’t good enough without Stafford to beat the Vikes.

Bills @ Patriots

Scottie- Patriots

Matty- Patriots

Matt’s thoughts: Do I even need to give thoughts about this one?

Falcons @ Saints


Matty- Falcons

Matt’s thoughts: The Saints have not impressed me the first two weeks of the season, and as I’ve stated before Matt Ryan is ready to be a big-time quarterback.  What better time to do it than against the Saints?

Redskins @ Rams

Scottie- Redskins

Matty- Redskins

Matt’s thoughts: Sam Bradford has surprised me with his early season play, but Shanahan won’t lose to a rookie quarterback.

Eagles @ Jaguars

Scottie- Eagles

Matty- Eagles

Matt’s thoughts: The Mike Vick era is officially underway in Philadelphia.  What better way is there to reward your coach than with a win?

Raiders @ Cardinals

Scottie- Raiders

Matty- Cardinals

Matt’s thoughts: The Raiders have been pretty terrible so far this season.  The Cardinals have also been pretty terrible.  Arizona wins the battle of the terribles.

Chargers @ Seahawks

Scottie- Chargers

Matty- Chargers

Matt’s thoughts: Breaking News: Marcus McNeil reported to the Chargers…The Seahawks can’t slow down the Chargers enough to win.

Colts @ Broncos

Scottie- Colts

Matty- Colts

Matt’s thoughts: I really want to pick the Broncos here, but the Colts were great last week.

Jets @ Dolphins

Scottie- Dolphins

Matty- Jets

Matt’s thoughts: The Dolphins have started 2-0, but their undefeated streak ends against the surging Jets.

Packers @ Bears

Scottie- Packers

Matty- Packers

Matt’s thoughts: Green Bay is my Super Bowl pick.  The Bears played well last week, but the Packers are playing much better than the Cowboys.


2 Responses

  1. Into the Sunday night game:

    Scottie: 7-7
    Matty: 10-4

  2. scottie- 7-9

    matty- 11-5

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