Farley’s Fantasy Football 2.0

Happy waiver Wednesday everyone!

There were a lot of big performances in week 2. So many that the studs portion of this post will be a bit larger than last week.  I must first address something that I was totally wrong on.  I excluded Mike Vick from my week one diamonds in the rough section because I, along with everyone else in the league, figured that Kolb would resume his role as starting quarterback this coming Sunday.  After another strong performance from Vick and a handjob of a press conference from Andy Reid who so eloquently put that Vick is simply, “playing out of his mind right now”, I retract that statement and apologize.  Vick looks like a real quarterback for the moment and if you jumped on him early good for you.  If you need a quarterback stay tuned because the diamond in the rough section will feature one, maybe two.

As for the top performers from week 2:


1. Matt Schaub- If you read the column last week you will remember how I said Schaub and Andre Johnson will torch the Redskins.  497 yds and 3 TD’s later I will pat myself on the back.  Some people were worried about the low attempts from week one, but make no mistake, this Houston offense is for real and is running like a well-oiled machine right now.  When Owen Daniels gets healthy every starter on this team is a must start in my opinion. From Arian Foster to Neil Rackers, Start em!

2. Andre Johnson- Listen, Johnson is a beast, he sprains his ankle during a solid performance and on a 4th and ten jumps through the ceiling to catch a TD.  Don’t worry about the ankle sprain he will rest enough this week and continue to toy with defensive backs.

3. Jahvid Best- Best is a bright surprise this season and if you’ve got him on your roster you are no doubt a happy owner.  He is the total package and contributed this weekend with 78 yds rushing, 154 recieving, 9 catches and 3 total TD’s. 

4. Lesean McCoy- McCoy had a great day, as expected vs the Lions, running for 120 yds and 3 TD’s. I was worried about McCoy’s opportunities given the fact that Andy Reid likes to chuck it 50 times a game.  Vick actually helps to balance the offensive game plan for the Eagles so I would expect McCoy’s role be extended.

5. Jason Snelling- You’ve got to give massive props to Snelling.  After the burner went down Snelling stepped in and dominated! He amassed 129 yds on the ground 57 yds receiving with 3 total TD’s.  If Turner is out for an extended period of time than Snelling has great value. Unfortunately, all signs point to Turner being fine for this weekend.


1. Chris Johnson- Johnson was totally shut down by the Steelers defense and saw his 12 game streak of 100 yds rushing come to an end.  Johnson ran for 34 yds and only managed one catch for 19. I don’t expect him to be on this list much and you couldn’t expect much production from him going against the steel curtain.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew- MJD personally hurt me this weekend, however I had Andre and Schaub clean up his mess :). Jones-Drew is definitely a concern for his owners so far. The whole Jags offense has been awful and without a passing threat he will be seeing 9 in the box.  He had 48 total yards and only one catch.  He is normally a PPR stud and his lack of catches is a reflection of David Garrard.  I would not try to trade him at all but with his stock this low you would be a fool.

3. Joe Flacco- Flacco was downright terrible Sunday.  Don’t think I am putting him in the same burp as Tom Brady, but after watching film of the Bengals pass defense, how do you throw for only 154 yds and 4 picks??Hopefully you drafted a contingency plan because with all of these weapons he is not producing.

Diamonds in the Rough

Last week was a little bit of a mixed bag. Mark Clayton was a great pickup and Brandon Jackson should be fine as long as Green Bay doesn’t bring in another receiver.  I think the Camarillo pick was a week too early. Harvin didn’t practice again today and with a bye week looming in week four, he could sit out against the Lions. Here are my waiver wire gems for week 3.

1. Kyle Orton- Orton is available in most leagues right now and if these two weeks are any indication, he will be a solid fantasy option.  Hey Flacco owners, do it! McDaniels system is extremely quarterback friendly and Demaryius Thomas’ return adds yet another weapon.

2. Marshawn Lynch- If you need a back and he is available, make him your first priority.  Don’t get me wrong there will still be a committee there, but Chan Gailey has been a “one back man” for a long time.  He loves establishing the run and incorporating his running back in every possibly way.  CJ Spiller’s impressive pre-season gave everyone a hard on but the honeymoon is over.  With a bad offensive line Spiller’s inability to break tackles and make his own holes bodes well for the stronger, almost as young, Lynch.  Besides, if the trade rumors with Green Bay are true his value will only go up!

3. Keiland Williams- Grab this guy now! With the recent release of Larry Johnson it has been confirmed that Williams is the number 2 back in Washington.  Portis hasn’t been too productive this season and if Mike is up to his Shannahanagans again, you could see Williams cutting into Clinton’s time.  In my opinion, Williams has more long-term value than Mike Tolbert and yes Jason Snelling!

Fantasy team name of the week: For those of you familiar with coaching rants….

I’m a man…..I’m Forte!!!!!!

Good luck this week!


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  1. If he is out there grab him now…Demaryus Thomas!

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