Relax, It Could be a Hell of a lot Worse

BREAKING NEWS: Breaking news out of the NTCF headquarters today suggests that the world will implode within the next 24 hours!  It is widely suspected that the cause of this  devastating occurrence is…A BAD GAME BY TOM BRADY!

Grow up.  I’m sick of hearing all of this crap.  It’s Tuesday and I’ve already heard enough bitching to last the entire season.  Yea, on Sunday Brady played probably the worst game that I have seen him play since his tenure began in New England.  Thank God that in our quarterback’s worst game he throws for 250 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 picks, posting a passer rating of 72.5.  I think the Jets would be ecstatic if Mark Sanchez gave them a rating of 72.5 on a weekly basis.  I’m pretty damn sure that almost half of the teams in the NFL would take that consistently on a weekly basis.  But LUCKILY, the quarterback of the team that we root for is one of the greatest of all time.  Luckily, the quarterback on our team has won the New England organization three Super Bowls.  Luckily, the quarterback on our team had the greatest statistical season for a quarterback in NFL history.  Luckily, the quarterback on our team has the faith of an entire region behind him, allowing him to avoid controversy and focus on football.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea whether Brady has manufactured a comeback win since 2007.  But guess what, I don’t give a damn.  I know that no matter what the situation, I have faith in Tom Brady.  I wouldn’t take any other quarterback (maybe aside from Peyton Manning) to lead me down the field with two minutes remaining and the game on the line.  I wouldn’t take any other quarterback to lead my team into a playoff game.  I wouldn’t want any other player being the face of my franchise.

I guess the argument can be made that I am basing all of my faith in Tom Brady on the past.  That presently, he may not be the same quarterback as he once was.  First of all, the past shapes the future.  Secondly, I think that the Tom Brady of today is the best Tom Brady that we have ever seen.  We fail to realize that in 2001, 2003, and even in 2004 the New England offense was completely different.  The run was used to set up the pass.  Antoine Smith and Corey Dillon were offensive forces.  All Tom had to do was manage the game, avoid mistakes, and make the occasional big play.  I guess I should apologize to all of you who are looking to get back to those days, but they are no more.  The NFL is a passing league.  The Patriots offense uses the pass game to set up more passes, with running being an after thought.  Tom Brady is expected to fling the ball all around the field, connecting with 6, 7, or even more players throughout the course of the game.  To expect him not to have occasional issues when throwing the ball forty times a game, in a notoriously loud and hostile environment, against arguably the league’s best defense is beyond ridiculous.

Tom Brady attempted to connect with Randy Moss ten times throughout Sunday’s game, completing only two of them.  Let me ask you this question, when a great defense has eliminated all other throwing options, do you think you would try to throw it up to arguably the greatest downfield receiver of all time?  Yea, I thought that would be your answer…


4 Responses

  1. This is a perfect example of what I was talking about in my post about Brady. Brady and Beliechek have a disgusting group of disciples that will worship them even when it is clear they aren’t up to snuff.

    I hate to break it to everyone but open your eyes, Tom Brady has been an average quarterback the past two years. He no longer wins big games. Last year he lost to the Saints, Colts, Jets, Dolphins, Texans, and Broncos They were waxed by the Ravens 33-14 in the playoffs. His 10 wins were against weak teams with the exception of the Jets and Ravens in the regular season. But the Jets weren’t even that good last year backing themselves into the playoffs. The other wins? Buffalo twice, Atlanta, Titans, Bucs, Dolphins, and Panthers. How many of those teams made the playoffs? NONE.

    You say there isnt any other quarterback in the NFL other than Peyton Manning you’d want to engineer a game winning drive? Drew Brees looked good doing it last night. Aaron Rogers would suffice. Matt Schaub threw for a 500 yards this weekend in what was a wild comeback over the Redskins. Come to think of it when has Brady led a team down the field to win a game in recent memory? HE HASNT.

    Stats are good for fantasy football but in real football wins are the only thing that matters. Brady will wipe the floor with non playoff contenders like he did to Tennessee last year but when he has a tough opponent he loves to lay eggs. If he is the best in the game, he would make adjustments and LEAD his team to victory.

    Stop with this sickening blind worship of someone that doesn’t deserve it. It makes me want to puke.

  2. For someone who is such a Bledsoe enthusiast you are awfully quick to throw Brady under the bus. We can all agree that Brady had as awful a game on Sunday as he ever has – as did Moss, Welker, and a defense that made Mark Sanchez look like Broadway Joe – but its what makes us such a loyal fanbase that we aren’t ready to kick him to the curb just yet. You could even say its not a huge surprise, with the exception of 07 Brady has been to lay eggs at least once a year to the Jets or the Dolphins or one occassion the Bills. Maybe we are quick to forgive, but last year was his first back from a devastating injury so we are willing to give him one off year (an off year that includes his 2md best statistical season and the division title). Its true he hasn’t made the last minute touchdowns that we’re used to but its because he used to do it so frequently that we have the privelege of being not only let down, but honestly surprised when he doesn’t. But to go as far to say that he is “average” after laying one egg, putting up stellar numbers against a stout Bengals D that helped win a tough AFC North last year and just held the Ravens to only 10 pts, while last year throwing for 28 td’s and 4000 yds and giving one of his receivers the 2nd most receptions in nfl history? Completelt unfair and without logic. And Hollywood? Aside from few magazine ads, when’s the last time u saw Tom in any tv ads? Your more likely to see Matt Hasselbeck on tv. Or when’s the last time you”ve seen him in the paparazzi? He’s the shining example of an absolute megastar staying out of the public eye, seperating personal life from the field.

    As for who you’d rather have in crunchtime… in Super Bowl XLI when push came to shove all Tom Brady did was drive his team down the field and score a game winning TD against the same defense that got the better of him all night, a lead that the defense sadly couldn’t hold onto. What did Peyton Manning do given the same sitation just last year? He made a hero out of Tracy Porter. So I’ll still put my money on Tom Terrific

    • These are all things from the past that you mention. Yes I am a Bledsoe enthusiast. That is well documented. But I can say Tom Brady is better than Drew. I have no problem with that. What upsets me is that this very fan base was quick to throw Drew under the bus for the same reasons that they are turning the other way for Brady. Keep in mind that the two seasons before Drew the Pats won a combined 3 games! 3! I don’t dispute that Brady was once great. However he is not who he once was and he is trying to do things he cant do. When he was succesful he dinked and dunked, managed the game, and didnt turn the ball over. Thats the Brady I want to see. He took over for Bledsoe for a reason. He was the anti-Bledsoe. But now he is evolving into him and no one will dare question the golden child.

  3. Dinked and dunked for 4,800 yards and 50 touchdowns? That’s just foolish…

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