Week 2 – The Mattyoshow Review

In this segment I will provide a weekly review for the previous weekend’s Patriot game, as well as my prediction for next weekend’s game.

-Avoid the overreaction.  The Jets played well; in fact they played very well.  The Patriots had a decent first half, and the second half was not very good.  End result, New York Jets victory.  I got a bit ahead of myself last week, essentially anointing the 2010 Patriots as the greatest team of all time.  It is important to remember that the NFL season is long, and I still feel really good about my 11-5 prediction for this team.

-When a stop was needed, the defense was not able to get it.  That is what was most alarming to me.   The inability to stop the run was a critical point in the lack of defensive success for the Pats.  It made me excessively angry every time LaDainian Tomlinson was able to break off a ten yard run, and then subsequently celebrate excessively.  But, the Patriots were unable to stop the run, which set up the play action pass.

-After heavily praising the defensive backfield after last week’s game, I slightly retract some of my statements this week.  I still love what Devin McCourty is giving this defense.  The Jets stayed away from McCourty basically the entire game, and there was not much he could have done against the 1 yard touchdown pass caught on him.  McCourty also asserted himself in terms of helping to stop the run game, which is very encouraging.  On the other side, Darius Butler struggled for most of the game.  In my opinion, he covered pretty well the entire game.  But, although he was in the right spot on many of the plays to his side, he failed to make plays on the ball.  Being 5’10” and playing a 6’3” receiver (Braylon Edwards) certainly is a challenge, but he has to play the ball better next week,

-The Patriots abandoned the run game after some early success.  On the first drive Fred Taylor broke off a few good runs on their way to a missed field goal.  But, after the first quarter, the success of the run game diminished a bit, and then coach Belichick never really made an effort to get back to running the ball.

-Wes Welker was huge for much of the first half.  He got wrecked on a helmet-to-helmet hit by Eric Smith early in the game.  At first glance, I assumed that Welker had suffered a concussion.  But, after taking a few plays off he returned to the game and scored a touchdown a little later in the half.  But, Welker was virtually nonexistent in the second half.  Because of the opponent (the Jets great defense) it is not hard to imagine Rex Ryan making some halftime adjustments to dampen Welker’s impact on the game.  But for Welker to disappear like that raises questions in my mind about his health and the impact from that big hit that he took.

-Randy Moss’ touchdown catch was ridiculous.  To have that level of confidence in catching the ball with one hand to do it in an actual game against the Jets is something that I have not yet been able to wrap my head around.

-It was pretty convenient that Darrelle Revis’ hamstring “flared up” right after Randy Moss ran past him to catch a touchdown.  It’s not that im doubting the extent of Revis’ injury…well actually yes I think that Darrelle’s ego hurts as much as his hamstring.

NEXT WEEK’S PREDICTION: Patriots 38 – Bills 17


One Response

  1. Brady critcizies the fans for leaving early in week one. is it fair to criticize him for leaving early in week 2? He was non existent in the 2nd half. or does he get by on the Brady rule of not being able to criticize him because he is New England’s golden child? (more on this later)

    Darius Butler was doing his best Johnathan Wilhite impersonation. He was beat like a drum when it mattered most.

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