I Want My Brady Back

Gone are the days of the Patriot Dynasty.  Gone are the days of 3 Super Bowl titles in 4 years.  Gone are the days of undefeated regular seasons.  Face it New England, the Golden Boy is no more.  Let me make it clear that this is not a knee jerk reaction (which I am prone to) of yesterday’s game. Facts are facts. Tom Brady was awful in yesterday’s game.  Just a few days after criticizing his own fans for leaving the game early, Brady checked out after the first half against the rival Jets.  Will anyone dare go after the Golden Boy for his woeful performance Sunday? Not in New England.  Brady enjoys that free pass where fans will look the other way.

The problem is fans have been looking away since the New York Giants upset the Patriots back in the 2007 Super Bowl.  In that game the offensive line was blamed.  Brady wasn’t getting enough time to drop back before he was being mobbed by the likes of Justin Tuck, Michael Strahan, and Osi Umenyiora.  Yesterday, Brady had eons in the pocket and was forcing passes left in right.  He threw two picks forcing passes that simply weren’t there.  This season it appears Brady has the weapons to work with in Randy Moss and Wes Welker.  Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski have shown they are capable of taking on a bigger role in the offense as well.  But yesterday Brady looked more lost than Matthew Fox and company and he didn’t have to deal with Revis Island.  There’s no question the Jets defense is good, but isn’t the highest paid player in NFL history suppose to adjust?  The criticisms however, won’t be on Brady.  People will go after 5’10 Darius Butler for getting beat by 6’4 Braylon Edwards, people will wonder why they were throwing deep balls on 3rd and 7, and people will blame the defense for not stopping LaDainian Tomlinson.  I will blame Brady.

As I said before, you won’t hear anyone ever criticize Brady in this region but now its time.  To me, Brady hasn’t stepped in big games since that Super Bowl loss to the Giants.  Its a fact he has changed since the early 2000’s.  He is no longer the kid who just loved the game of football.  He is caught up in his celebrity life: his A++ wife Giselle, his modeling for magazines, his advertising of top name brands.  At the risk of being murdered on this blog, I would say that New England has over rated Brady.  When Brady was successful, he was the anti-Bledsoe, a game manager who took what was given to him and didn’t turn the ball over.  He was surrounded by a great defense, great special teams, and had a solid running game (Antowain Smith and Corey Dillon).

The formula for winning in New England was always just that and Tom Terrific has gotten away from that over the past couple years.  Unless Brady gets out of his celebrity mindset and realizes he is an NFL quarterback first and foremost, the Patriots will always come up short in big games.  Because when was the last big game the Pats won?  They laid a huge egg last year in the playoffs against the Ravens.  They haven’t beaten the Colts since 2007.

After the game yesterday Brady was quoted as saying “we sucked.”  Sorry Tom, but yesterday YOU sucked.  It is time to get back to your early 2000 ways and manage the game.  You once drew comparisons to Joe Montana.  You were once regarded as the best to ever play the game because you were a smart player who dedicated himself to preparation every week.  You are no longer the best in the game as Peyton Manning has swiped that title from you.  Get back to your old ways so that New England can be Titletown once again.


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  1. …where to start….

    I’m not mad that you are one of the first to go after Brady in this way. I’m not even mad about the point you brought up about winning the big games lately. I just cannot agree with you saying that Tom Brady is so caught up in his celebrity lifestyle that he has lost his way on the field. That’s a complete slap in the face because then you are comparing him to the likes of Tony Romo, which is in no way fair because past successes do warrant a pass in some ways. When you listen to his postgame comments he did say that it starts with him because he has never been the kind of player that passes off the blame and he never will be because he expects the best from every player every play of every game and is the first to say when he was the one that did not execute. I do agree with you about the protection because I, along with everyone else, expect more out of a Tom Brady who has time in the pocket especially when he is so far removed from his injury and unless he corrects that we can expect some tough games especially when we get the Ravens.

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