Farley’s Fantasy Football 1.0

Alright sports fan I’ve been away for a little while. Doing what you ask? Building a fantasy football dynasty mostly.  This year I will help you all with some free advice for how to dominate your fantasy football league. This column will briefly review week one studs and duds, as well as give you some waiver wire gems to pick up for this weekend.

Studs from week one:

1. Arian Foster- Now, if any of you read the earlier post I had in my other blog, you would know that I have a man crush on Arian Foster. Foster exceeded even my lofty expectations with a 231 yard performance for three touchdowns.  He was a one man show and if you reached on him in your drafts like I did than you were smiling ear to ear Sunday.

2. Matt Forte- Forte’s value dropped off the face of the earth after last season.  He was drafted 4th or 5th overall and was extremly disappointing.  Forte wasn’t impressive on the ground against Detroit but managed 151 yards receiving and two touchdowns.  Mike Martz running backs usually produce great fantasy numbers so if you drafted Forte you got some great value late in your drafts.

3. Peyton Manning- Manning threw for 433 yards and three touchdowns.  Manning looked very impressive against an average Texans defense.  With all of the weapons around him expect to see Manning put up these numbers on a weekly basis.  They can’t run the ball so Manning may break the record for attempts this season. You heard it here first!

I know you are wondering where Chris Johnson is on this list….Listen buddy you got the first pick in your draft I’m not about to massage your ego by putting him on this list. However I will mention Javon Ringer vultured a TD from him!


1. Andre Johnson-Arian Foster will be contributing again shortly to this section. First I must address the awful game that Johnson had. Three catches for 33 yards is terrible! If you have Johnson you took him within the first 5-10 picks of your league.  That is not the way you want to start your season.  However I wouldn’t worry about him at all, when you’re running the ball that effectively you don’t need to pass. Look for Johnson to torch the Redskins this weekend.

2. Matt Schaub-See the above paragraph!

3- Shonne Greene-First let me say that I wasn’t that high on Greene in the first place.  But for a guy being drafted as high as he was, Greene definitely laid an egg in week one.  Yes he was playing the Ravens defense, but LT managed to gain 62 yards and more importantly held onto the ball! Greene gained 18 yards on five carries and lost a fumble.  Look to see a better game against New England but if he fumbles he will be benched no question. I still say start him, but hope he doesn’t cough up the ball.

Diamonds in the rough

No one finishes the fantasy football season with the same team they drafted.  Making the right moves wins you fantasy football.  Or having Brady when he throws for 50 TD’s.  Here are the guys you should try to get before they are scooped up.

1- Brandon Jackson- He is probably already gone because it is Friday and Grant was placed on IR already.  But after you finish reading this check it out.  Jackson will be in line for all of the carries in Green Bay and there is no one behind him.  Jackson will have a chance to earn his keep, but watch out for the Rodgers campaign for a Marshawn Lynch trade. The two played together at Cal and there has already been some lobbying by the quarterback.

2- Mark Clayton- Clayton had a very good game for the Rams last week.  10 catches for 119 yards for an undrafted guy is a great sign.  Whats more impressive is that amount of targets. Bradford, as most young quarterbacks do, locked onto Clayton and targeted him 19 times! Pick this guy up because the Rams will be playing from behind most of the time and will need to pass.

3-Greg Camarillo- I may have a slight bias on this one but hear me out.  Camarillo was traded to Minnesota from Miami and Favre loves this guy.  He was quoted this week in the media saying, “I don’t know why Miami got rid of this guy”. If you watched the Vikings game last week you saw how off Favre was with his receivers.  When Brett finds someone he likes he feeds them the ball. Camarillo has glue for hands and with Harvin possibly out for this weekend he should have a big game. 

I will end every column with some of my favorite fantasy football names. This is one of my favorites…

Somewhere Over DwyaneBowe

Good luck!


3 Responses

  1. No love for Mike Vick as a waiver wire pick up?

    I took a risk on Legedu Nannee as a waiver pick up as well as Clayton.

    Great segment. Looking forward to it this season!

  2. I was going to include Vick but the Eagles are commited to Kolb as the starter and it would only be a one week fix. If he hasn’t been picked up in your league and you have a need at QB I say go for it.

  3. Like your review, but I think you overlooked Tom Brady. The man torched Cincy for three touchdowns, and it could have been five if they hadn’t called off the dogs. He’s got both Moss and a healthy Welker, and the Maroney trade suggests the Patriots are going to lean on their passing game.


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