Know Your Role, Miss

Surely by now you’ve heard of Ines Sainz, the female reporter that reported being harassed by some members of the New York Jets.  While I do not condone the actions that allegedly took place at the New York Jets training camp, I can’t say that I support Ines Sainz either.  Sainz claims that she was the victim of cat calls and players throwing footballs in her general direction.  Once again, I don’t condone the immaturity exhibited by the Jets.  But for people to be so one sided in their thinking that the members of the Jets the only wrong doers here and that Sainz is a victim is absolutely ludicrous.

Ines Sainz says she is a professional reporter.  If she honestly believes that, why does she dress the way she does?  There is no way she will gain anyone’s respect when she dresses like a woman of the night.  If anything, I tend to think that this was a cheap ploy on her part to make a name for himself.  Sure, sex sells. But it doesn’t to be imposed upon a product that is already successful.   There are different venues that she can pursue in order to make a name for himself.   She shouldn’t disrespect her profession for her personal agenda.  There have been many female reporters that have made names for themselves with their journalism.  Selena Roberts broke the Alex Rodriguez using steroids story.  Doris Burke brings great insight to college and professional basketball games when she provides color commentary for ESPN.

Other reporters, such as Erin Andrews and Rachel Nichols, are stunningly attractive.  But they don’t flaunt their “assets” because they have respect for their profession.  They dress professionally and cover their assignment with respect.  I am not so naive to think that these women are hired because they are great public speakers.  Looks are apart of their profession, there is no getting around it.  But at least they know their material and are not just there to be there.  They actually give us information.  Before this story broke, Ines Sainz was best known for measuring Steve Breaston’s bicep at the Super Bowl.  Give me a break.

So to Ines, understand that you are there to report a story, not be the story.


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