He is the Best in the World

This weekend he solidified what I have known all along.  On this very blog I wrote about how he was the true MVP of the NBA this past season.  This past weekend he led Team USA to the gold medal in the FIBA World Championships.  Many called this USA squad the “B” team.  They didn’t have LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, or Carmelo Anthony.  They didn’t need them.  They had someone better.  They had someone that can carry a team alone on his back and win.  He has done it in college at the University of Texas, he has turned around a franchise in Oklahoma City, and now he has carried a nation on his back winning a gold medal.

This weekend, Kevin Durant showed the world that he is the future of the NBA.  The man can score at will.  No one can stop him. Better yet he is a better face of the NBA.  He is not a baby.  Never has he cried about the team he is on.  Never has he complained about the lack of talent around him.  In fact the before LeBron made his “decision” on ESPN during prime time, Durant extended his deal with Oklahoma City Thunder with hardly anyone noticing.  Durant hasn’t requested a trade a la Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul.  He just enjoys the game of basketball.  He loves lighting it up night in and night out.  It won’t be long before the Thunder will be a marquee team in the ultra competitive Western Conference because of him.

Kevin Durant is the best player in the world.  It’s not even an argument.


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  1. Great Post! Durant is doing his best to let his actions speak for him. And he is trying to establish himself and earn the respect of the league.

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