The Matty O Show vs Scottie P

With the beginning of the 2010 NFL Season starting tomorrow, it is time to introduce a new segment to NTCF.  Each week Matt and I will give you our picks for the week.  We won’t be using betting lines but we will be keeping our record to see who comes out on top.  The two of us are very competitive individuals and will stop at nothing to one up each other. So I believe it will be a good addition to our blog.

To our faithful NTCF readers, from “The Better Looking Mel Kiper”: There is no way in hell Scotty wins this thing…

Matt refers to himself as “The Better Looking Mel Kiper,” while I don’t refer to myself as anything.  I am most comparable to Vince Young.  I just win, baby.  And that is what I will be doing in this new segment on NTCF. Here are our picks for Week 1:

Minnesota @ New Orleans

Scott: New Orleans     Matt: New Orleans

Matt’s thoughts: Yes, Favre is back, but New Orleans is going to be a hostile place to play after they unveil that Super Bowl banner.

Carolina @ New York Giants

Scott: New York Giants     Matt: New York Giants

Matt’s thoughts: The Giants offense will overpower Carolina’s defense front in the running game, leading to a pretty easy win.

Atlanta @ Pittsburgh

Scott: Atlanta          Matt: Atlanta

Matt’s thoughts: Atlanta’s defensive line will be forced to contain Dennis Dixon’s running ability, but aside from that Pittsburgh’s offense will struggle.

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay

Scott: Tampa Bay      Matt: Cleveland

Matt’s thoughts: Freeman’s thumb injury steers me in the direction of Cleveland, but this is a game that you’ll want to avoid watching.

Denver @ Jacksonville

Scott: Denver          Matt: Denver

Matt’s thoughts: The loss of Brandon Marshall leaves Denver without a top wide receiver, but even that isn’t enough to give Jacksonville the edge.

Indianapolis @ Houston

Scott: Houston        Matt: Indianapolis

Matt’s thoughts: Peyton Manning still has flashbacks of him throwing a pick to close out the 2009 Super Bowl.  I expect Houston to have a great season, but in week 1 the edge goes to Indy.

Miami @ Buffalo

Scott: Miami         Matt: Miami

Matt’s thoughts: The Ronnie Brown – Ricky Williams combination will be too much for the Buffalo defense to handle.

Detroit @ Chicago

Scott: Chicago         Matt: Detroit

Matt’s thoughts:  Much has been made of Chicago’s off season acquisitions, but I think the Lions will steal one in the Windy City.

Oakland @ Tennessee

Scott: Tennessee      Matt: Oakland

Matt’s thoughts:  The key match-up to watch is Rolando McClain vs. Chris Johnson.  The edge goes to Johnson, but not by much so Oakland wins the game.

Cincinnati @ New England

Scott: New England     Matt: New England

Matt’s thoughts: Tom Brady looks like he is back to his 2007 form (not that 2009 wasn’t good) and I expect the defense to surprise some people.

Arizona @ St. Louis

Scott: St. Louis         Matt: Arizona

Matt’s thoughts:  Time for Sam Bradford to find out what an NFL 3-4 defense is all about…sacks baby!

San Francisco @ Seattle

Scott: San Francisco   Matt: San Francisco

Matt’s thoughts:  Pete Carroll’s team isn’t ready for Singletary’s boys to come into town and smash the ball down their throat.

Green Bay @ Philadelphia

Scott: Green Bay         Matt: Green Bay

Matt’s thoughts:  Too much pressure for Kolb in Philly as his first season as a starter begins.  Plus, that Green Bay defense looks like something to be reckoned with.

Dallas @ Washington

Scott: Dallas           Matt: Dallas

Matt’s thoughts: McNabb is ready to have a big year, but Dallas’ offense is too much for the revamped Redskins’ D.

Baltimore @ New York Jets

Scott: Baltimore        Matt: Baltimore

Matt’s thoughts: Ray Lewis is ready to knock someone’s head off…and it’s looking more and more like Mark Sanchez may be the victim.

San Diego @ Kansas City

Scott: San Diego       Matt: San Diego

Matt’s thoughts:  Ryan Matthews is welcomed into the league by one of the worst run defenses in the league.


2 Responses

  1. After the one o clock games

    Scottie- 8-2
    Matt- 4-6

  2. Matt= 7-9
    Scottie- 10-6

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