Don’t call it a comeback…

As an ode to the Scottie P. mumbles segments that he has produced I am going to make my triumphant return to the NTCF blogosphere by touching upon some happenings that have occurred in the world of sports since the Celtics lost game 7 to the Lakers….which is where my hibernation came from….

1) After time to reflect (almost 3 months), and taking into account the age and injuries that hit the Celtics throughout the season and the playoffs, you cannot help but be satisfied with the final result of the 2009-2010 Boston Celtics.  Obviously this new profound feeling of accomplishment was nowhere to be found after the loss, but when you are given time to reflect, appreciation tends to be unveiled.

2) The Boston Red Sox are currently 6.5 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays for the Wild Card….you’re a liar if you thought they would be there based on the injuries they’ve faced this season.

3) We should all be excited for the future of the Sox.  The young talent (to overuse a phrase) that has been displayed by necessity over the last couple of months has been the one shining spot other than Adrian Beltre this season.  Pending off season moves (or a miraculous run into the playoffs) we should all be excited by what we see…now if only we could feel that way about our entire rotation.

4) John Lackey is not worth the money he received…end of story.

5) I do not hold any truth in the rumor that Vince Young and Ben Roethlisberger plan on releasing their own line of Girls Gone Wild/UFC videos…

6) I have to say that although the greatest basketball player in the history of the game was inducted into the HOF a year ago, it was a lot more fun watching DJ, Pippen, the Mailman and the ’92 Dream Team receive the honor they deserve.

7) Is it a sad thing that the United States still does not have the number one ranked team in the world for basketball?  You bet your ass it is….that should change in the next few years with the domination of the world by future NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

8) Champions 2010-2011:

MLB – Texas Rangers

NCAA Football – Alabama

NFL – Baltimore Ravens

NHL – Team with the most Canadiens

NBA – Celtics (Obviously)

9) This year the most exiting season in all of sports may be that of College Football.  The parity is quickly reaching the level of College Basketball (reason being why I did not try to pick a champion there), and with that in football, excitement is an obligatory outcome.  It would have been nice if Boise State had been able to pencil in at least one more major game aside from Oregon State but you have to take the good with the bad I guess.

10) Providence College Basketball is so far making an attempt this year to at the very least be better than DePaul……so sad….

11) The Patriots need a lot of youth to step up on the defensive side of the ball if they are going to go anywhere, but if anyone can do it, that man is Bill.  Also I hope the Patriots of the Midwest go 0-16.

I now see why Scottie enjoys writing this way so much….I’ll be back


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  1. Welcome back! Love the Mumbles replica! Big things goin down on NTCF!

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