Week 1 of College Football Recap

After the first weekend of college football, it is time to sit down and recap the weekend that was.  There were some teams that were surprisingly impressive, some eye-opening plays, and some blowouts.  Here is the weekend that was in college football.

*All the top teams survived except for number 15 Pitt, who were taken down by Utah.  Oklahoma and Florida received mini scares while top ranked Alabama and Ohio State rolled.

*After one week, the Heisman list looks like this: 

Kendall Hunter, running back, Oklahoma State.  257 yards rushing 4 TD’s.

Tyler Yates, quarterback, North Carolina.  412 yards passing. 3 TD’s.

DeMarco Murray, running back, Oklahoma. 218 yards rushing. 2 TD’s

G.J. Kinne, quarterback, Tulsa. 399 Yards passing, 5 TD’s.

*The play of the weekend has to go to Alabama’s Julio Jones who had an outstanding full extension one-handed touchdown grab.

*Mid Major’s Boise State and TCU were able to hold off Virginia Tech and Oregon State respectively.  Considering that neither team plays anyone notable the rest of the way, they could have a date with each other for the national championship.  Each team only had one test and they both passed.

*Jacksonville State took down Jeremiah Masoli and the Ole Miss Rebels in overtime on Saturday.  Consider that karma to Mississippi for accepting Masoli into its institution and onto the football team.

*Notre Dame and Michigan were both impressive in their wins.  They play each other on Saturday.  In Michigan, it will only be a matter of time that quarterback Tate Forcier transfers after being benched in favor of Denard Robinson.

*Texas running back Cody Johnson has lost his starting job to Tre Newton, the son of former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton.  Tre scored 3 touchdowns in Texas’ win over Rice.

*Is Oregon that good or is New Mexico State that bad?  Oregon rolled to a 72-0 win on Saturday.

*Week two looks to be a wild one with several great matchups.  They include:  #20 Florida State at #7 Oklahoma, Michigan at Notre Dame, #13 Miami at #2 Ohio State, #19 Penn State at #1 Alabama, and #11 Oregon at Tennessee.


4 Responses

  1. I think that Kellen Moore’s performance on Monday night against Virginia Tech puts him in the running for the Heisman.

    Also, Boise State still has a game against Oregon State in two weeks. The Beavers put up a good fight against TCU, so to say that Boise is completely in the clear might be a bit of an oversight.

  2. I did the Heisman race based on stats. But you are right considering Kellen Moore, is probably the only guy that had any real competition.

  3. What do you think about the undefeated mid majors getting into the national championship if over one loss teams with tougher schedules? Agree or disagree?

    Love this as a weekly column Scotty keep up the good work

  4. I would be more of a fan of the top teams playing then undefeated Boise State and TCU. Looking at the top teams’ schedules if they can get through that murderer’s row with only one loss they deserve to play for the national championship.

    No regular season means as much in all of sports as it does in college football. Teams shouldnt be rewarded for cupcake schedules when other teams have to run a gauntlet.

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