Welcome Back Delonte!

Yesterday, The Boston Celtics and Delonte West agreed to a non-guaranteed contract rounding out the roster for the 2010 season.  Count me as one who is very excited about bringing Delonte back.  I was a huge fan of how he played the game when he was in Boston during the “Pre-Big Three Era.”  He was traded to Seattle in 2007 for Ray Allen and has since played for the Sonics and the Cavs.  Even when he was with the Cavs, I found it extremely difficult to root against him. 

Delonte brings even more depth to a team that is strong 1-12.  I presume that he will push Von Wafer down the depth chart and come off the bench to give Ray Allen or Paul Pierce a rest.  Should Delonte make the team, he will be suspended for the first 10 games of the season because he plead out to a gun charge over the summer. 

A lot of the talk in bringing Delonte back will be the rumors of his relationship with LeBron’s mother.  I personally find this whole mess hysterical.  The argument can be made that Delonte is the reason LeBron quit on the Cavs during the playoffs last year. Now the Celtics have Shaq to get under Kobe’s skin and Delonte to get under LeBron’s.  I like Danny Ainge’s mind game tactics!

So the Celtics, roster is pretty much set for the 2010 campaign.  They are certainly deeper than in years past.  They are also a lot bigger than in years past.  The lack of rebounding that plagued this team last year should not be a problem this season.  The team will also be a very entertaining one with characters such as Shrek and Donkey (Nate Robinson and Glen Davis), Shaq, and now Delonte West.   I expect the Celtics to get no less than a three seed in the East and I believe they will make the Eastern Conference Finals yet again.

It is my help that the Celtics can help Delonte turn his career around.  He has the potential to be a very solid contributor off the bench.  He is gritty and hustles.  Those qualities alone make you a fan favorite in Boston.  Let’s just hope he stays sane and his mental health issues don’t get the best of him.

In closing I will leave you with a quote from the great Delonte West.  

“Twenty years from now, you’re going to see me riding in a drop top hummer buck naked with some ankle socks on and a headband on — Boston Celtics headband on — standing up driving from Boston to California. That’s what I’m going to be doing.”


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