2011 NFL Mock Draft – August Edition (Picks #21-32)

Final installment of the August mock draft, wrapping up the first round.

21. Cincinnati (10-6)

After reviewing my two previous mock drafts over the past few hours I realized that I have yet to place a quarterback in the first round.  That is certainly due partially to my forgetfulness, but also because of the lack of star power (at least in my opinion) surrounding the quarterbacks for the 2011 Draft.  But, I’m certain to try and work in at least one quarterback before the conclusion of this mock draft.  Cincinatti certainly doesn’t have a quarterback problem, nor do they have a glaring need at any one position.  The Andre Smith experiment (6th overall pick, 2009 draft) has yet to pan out, so offensive line is certainly an option.  Also, the Bengals are decent at safety but could certainly look to improve, and the same holds true for wide receiver.

SELECTION: Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU

22. New England (10-6)

As I’ve said in previous mock drafts, I’m not sure why I keep attempting to predict who the Pats are going to select because they either take someone that you’ve never really heard of, or they trade their pick 11 times and wind up with 76 draft selections in the next years draft.  But, the whole reason for the post is for me to make a prediction, so I might as well take a shot at it.  I’ve been saying for a few seasons now that the Patriots could use a playmaker at running back.  This draft is not necessarily very deep at the position, but at 22 you can certainly get an explosive player.

SELECTION: DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma

23. Green Bay (11-5)

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers looked pretty damn good last night, wiping the field with the Colts.  I don’t know if I see the same level of success for the Colts this season than we have come to expect every year, but that is a topic for another day.  The biggest need areas for the Packers are interior offensive line depth, wide receiver depth, a safety, and cornerback depth.  At 23, they will be looking to take the best available player at one of these positions.

SELECTION: Mike Pouncey, G/C, Florida

24. Philadelphia (11-5)

My immediate reaction when I heard that Donovan McNabb was traded was that Kevin Kolb is an underrated player and will play pretty well for the Eagles.  Now that everyone else has jumped on to the Kevin Kolb bandwagon, I think he may be getting a bit too much credit for his success in his two career starts.  But, the Eagles won’t be looking to draft a quarterback.  Their needs are at offensive line, linebacker, cornerback, safety, and running back.  I like LeSean McCoy, but I question his durability over a 16 game season as a number one running back simply because of his size (similar to Brian Westbrook).  Ellis Hobbs is a good corner, but I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable with him as a starter.  They are desperate for a right tackle.

SELECTION: Chris Galippo, ILB, USC

25. Baltimore (9-7)

I can see the pain in the eyes of Ravens fans across the country.  Sergio Kindle somehow slipped through the cracks and fell to your team with the 43rd pick.  A guy that has top 15 talent, fell into your lap because of “off the field issues.”  I would be ecstatic.  Later in that round you somehow find yourself looking at, in my opinion, the best nose tackle in the draft.  The mammoth (6’4” 250lbs) Terrence Cody looks to be your nose tackle of the future.  As if that wasn’t enough, your team selects two of the better tight ends, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta, in all of college football in the third and fourth round respectively.  Man, it is a hell of a time to be a Ravens fan.  The only area of weakness that I see on that entire team is at corner.

SELECTION: Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

26. Arizona (10-6)

Matt Leinart’s starting spot has been revoked already?  Can someone give this guy a friggin’ chance to play in the regular season?  Every time Leinart seems to have an opportunity to get some playing time, he gets the rug pulled out from underneath him.  If he isn’t good enough to play then cut him, otherwise let him play!  Derek Anderson is going to win more games than Leinart?  MISTAKE!  But I digress…it is about time I get a quarterback off of the board.  This will never happy, but I forgot about the quarterbacks so here goes…

SELECTION: Jake Locker, QB, Washington

27. Dallas (11-5)

Dallas to the Super Bowl…that is the trendy pick now-a-days.  How come at the beginning of every season, when all of these “bold” predictions are made, everyone seems to forget that the Cowboys (and specifically Tony Romo) suck in the playoffs?  I’m sorry but I refuse to anoint a team preseason Super Bowl champion until they prove that they can win in the playoffs.  That being said, the Cowboys are stacked on both sides of the ball so look for the best available player to be taken here.

SELECTION: Marcus Cannon, OT, TCU

28. San Diego(13-3)

I despise Philip Rivers, but I kind of feel bad for him.  His left tackle and best wide receiver are holding out.  The team’s running game is resting solely in the hands of a rookie running back.  I think that the Chargers may be selecting somewhere in the high teens next season, which will give them a better chance of grabbing a playmaker of grabbing a playmaker to help out Rivers next season.

SELECTION: Terrance Toliver, WR, LSU

29. New York Jets (9-7)

I hate the Jets, but Hard Knocks is great.  Not that the Jets make it great, because I loved it last year with the Bengals too.  It is just a damn good show. It does rub me the wrong way how they just beg for Darrell Revis to come back every show though.  Come on Rex, how do you think that makes Kyle Wilson or Cromartie feel?  Anyway, the Jets could use a 3-4 defensive end or a rush OLB, although I have to agree with Rex, Vernon Gholston looks pretty damn good at defensive end (even though it is against other teams’ 2’s and 3’s).

SELECTION: Marcell Dareus, DE, Alabama

30. Minnesota (12-4)

Brett Favre makes me want to vomit.  I used to enjoy watching him play and if nothing else, I certainly respected him.  Fuck Favre!  He has not one ounce of my respect.  I can’t stand to see his face on the television bitching about how much he loves his teammates, or how much his ankle hurts but he will certainly still play, or on the relationship between him and Childress.  Seriously dude, just shut the fuck up.  Here is your replacement asshole!

SELECTION: Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas

31. Indianapolis (14-2)

The more I watch Brett Favre piss me off, the more I respect Peyton Manning.  The guy goes about his business, doesn’t bother anyone, is a class act, and just wins games.  He doesn’t gloat about how amazing he is.  He doesn’t put the team’s business out in public.  Doesn’t call press conferences to announce that he has a hang nail on his big toe that may hinder his performance and may have lead to ending three consecutive season on interceptions (fuck you favre).  As I said earlier I don’t see prototypical Colts’ success this season, but I’m sure they will still end up in playoff contention.

SELECTION: Curtis Brown, CB, Texas

32. New Orleans (13-3)

To the Saints: Congratulations, you won the 2009 Super Bowl…hopefully you know it’s not against the rules to stop celebrating.  Seriously, Drew Brees and Sean Payton have been drinking their own Cool-Aid for like 8 months now, enough is enough.  Gruden’s champ camp, or whatever it is called…seriously?  Best available player, enough said.

SELECTION: Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma


One Response

  1. demarco murray is a terrible pick. his knee is shot to hell. if you think maroney is bad, murray is horrendus.

    aaron williams will be a top 15 pick. interesting to see what the actual draft order is and that will better determine where people go. Locker and Mallet both wont fall that far, just one of em.

    that is all.

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