A Look at the 2010 College Football Season

While most writers on this blog are more excited about the upcoming NFL season, I get all riled up for college football.  Last year, I watched my team go down in the national championship because their star quarterback was injured in the opening quarter to the Crimson Tide of Alabama.  This season there is the very real possibility that Nick Saban’s crew can repeat as national champions.  There is also the real possibility that Mark Ingram will repeat as the Heisman Trophy winner.

Here is a look at the top story lines going into the 2010 campaign:

*Life after Tim Tebow down in Gainsville can be dubbed Year One A.T.  (After Tim).  Many regard Tebow as the greatest college player of all time and some that are drunk on his Kool-Aid would argue he is the best human being of all time. (Move over Jesus, Gandi, and Mother Teresa.) Urban Meyer’s crew should be just fine with quarterback John Brantley under center.   It appears the strength of the Gators will come from their running game and their defense.  They do have a relatively tough schedule in the always competitive SEC facing off against Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas.  I predict that the Gators won’t get a BCS bid because their conference is just too tough.

*Will Boise State shed their Rodney Dangerfield label of not getting any respect?  Most college football previews have them in ranked in the top 5 going into the season.  The age-old problem with Boise State is they play close to nobody.  On their schedule they will play Virginia Tech at a neutral site on September 6.  That is their only game against a premier team.  The rest of the schedule looks to be cupcake city.  Their hope of making the national championship will hinge on the top dogs beating each other up and they stroll in the back door with an undefeated season.

* How will Texas fare changing their whole offensive playbook?  Gone are the days of McCoy to Shipley over and over again.  Coach Mack Brown has thrown out the spread offense and is planning on implementing a more smashmouth style of play.  The defense will be the unit to watch as head coach in waiting and defensive coordinator Will Muschamp will have his group fired up to do work.


1) Notre Dame will finish with a record below .500 finishing 5-7. Head coach Brian Kelly will find out about the curse of coaching in South Bend.

2) Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez will be fired mid-season.

3) Lane Kiffin is the fresh voice the unmotivated USC Trojans need.  They will be a top 15 team in the country despite playing for nothing.

4) This is Joe Paterno’s last season.  (Much like some quarterback up in Minnesota’s).

5) Jake Locker will have a sub par season making him regret not leaving school early where he would have been the number one pick in the NFL draft last season.


September 6: Boise State vs. Virginia Tech (in Maryland)

October 2: Florida @ Alabama

October 2: Texas vs. Oklahoma (in Dallas)

October 16: Texas @ Nebraska

October 16: Ohio St @ Wisconsin

October 23: Iowa @ Wisconsin

Ocotber 23: North Carolina @ Miami

November 13: Virginia Tech @ North Carolina

November 20: Iowa St. @ Ohio St.

December 4: Oregon @ Oregon State


ACC: North Carolina

Big East: Pittsburgh

Big Ten: Ohio St.

Big 12: Texas

Pac 10: Oregon St.

SEC: Alabama

National Champion : Ohio State over (gulp) Texas

Heisman Watch

Mark Ingram, RB Alabama

Jake Locker, QB Washington

Terrelle Pryor, QB Ohio St

Case Keenum, QB Houston

Dion Lewis, RB Pittsburgh

Yes, faithful readers of this blog will be shocked to see that I have my beloved Texas Longhorns losing in the national championship game.  I think they are one year away from that goal.  The sexiest picks to win the national championship are Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, and Boise State.  But my dark horses are North Carolina and Virginia Tech.

This year will be as exciting as ever in college football and hopefully it will set the wheels in motion for a bracket style playoff system that in my view would feature Ohio State, Alabama, Texas, Boise State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Florida.


2 Responses

  1. North Carolina is stacked with NFL talent. Butch Davis’ turnaround job for the Tar Heels is one of the best in recent memory. The ACC (usually Virginia Tech) usually gets overhyped towards the end of the season so my sleeper pick for the National Champion coincides with yours…Your 2011 BCS National Champion: The North Carolina Tar Heels.

  2. Swung and missed on this one… although I was right about Jake Locker, Lane Kiffin, and Rich Rodriguez.

    Other than that, well like biggie and em said, I was dead wrong

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