Sorry Cleveland…You Just Couldn’t Get It Done

I’m just off of a great trip with my buddies down in Myrtle Beach.  Apparently no one decided to hold up the blog while I was gone, so I apologize for the gap in posts but now I’m back in action.

Dear Cleveland Cavaliers,

LeBron James provided you a seven year window to provide him the necessary level of talent to win an NBA Championship.  But, instead of giving King James a bit of support, you decided to try and let him prove that he was the best player in the NBA by attempting to win a championship on his own.  Now don’t get me wrong, LeBron by his lonesome got you guys pretty close, but the supporting cast was never present.  Throughout LeBron’s seven years in Cleveland, his best co-stars consisted of Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Larry Hughes, Mo Williams, an old Shaq, and half of a season with Antawn Jamison.  If you put all of those players on a team with LeBron at one time, then you have a realistic shot at winning an NBA Championship.  But, spreading that motley crew out over a seven year span really provided James with barely any supporting cast in his quest for a title.

That being said, I believe that the new super team formed in Miami is an amazing thing for the NBA.  Not only will fans be interested in the Miami Heat throughout the entire 82 game season, but can you imagine how many people would tune in to watch a Miami vs. Orlando or a Miami vs. Boston Eastern Conference Finals series.  I don’t know if one could even predict the television ratings a Miami vs. Los Angeles NBA Finals would receive.  I personally am looking very much forward to seeing the fourth quarter of a close game with the Heat this upcoming season.  LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh have all shown the ability to dominate games when time is winding down and the score is tight, but putting all of those players on one time is going to make for some very exciting basketball, and some astonishing fourth quarters.  I am very supportive of LeBron’s decision and actually believe that it is a rarity in today’s sports world.  All players say that they want to win, but if that was true, then why don’t more players make decisions like this.  Why wouldn’t MLB/NFL/NHL players take a bit of a pay cut and join fellow All-Star’s to create super teams?  When it comes down to wins or paychecks, the vast majority of the time players choose paychecks.  LeBron is one of the few superstars ever to ignore the biggest paycheck and make a decision based solely on the opportunity to win championships.  Good job, LeBron, your decision is a good one in my book.

On a side note, the Trail Blazers traded for Ryan Gomes on draft day, and to free up some cap space have recently waived him.  If Gomes does not end up back in Boston, the men in green have officially lost me as a fan forever.  Not to mention they drafted the biggest bitch in Notre Dame history.

And by the way Cleveland fans, I understand your bitterness, but are you seriously burning LeBron James jerseys?  This guy just left it all on the court for your city for the last seven seasons and you can’t be happy at the success he brought your previously dreadful team?  You drafted LeBron James because you were the WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!  Your team had the best record in the NBA over the past two seasons.  If Tom Brady left New England, or Peyton Manning left Indy, or Albert Pujols left St. Louis I would never expect those fans to act in such a disrespectful way.  To all the Cleveland fans acting like BABIES, you are pathetic and don’t deserve to have a winning team for the rest of your lives.


2 Responses

  1. In a tight game LeBron will run away from the pressure and give the ball to D-Wade…if he is smart.

    Heat won’t get out of the seccond round of the playoffs next year. Write it down.

  2. Love the post…. LeBron gave the Cavs everything… Dan Guilbert is the biggest baby of them all with his stupid letter… LeBron increased the Cavs net worth by 100 million dollars in his 7 years (according to Forbes)… This team is great for the NBA… It will increase interest in the boring regular season and early playoff rounds… Celts will still dominate them.

    And Scottie, according to, a very respectable website, lebron leads the league in game winning shots, as well as game winning assists and free-throws. Dwayne Wade is 11th on this list. This list does not even include last season, in which I know LeBron won some games! Link (

    To further Matt’s point, LeBron had NOBODY on his team… Look at the laughably horrible roster they have right now… They will be a lottery team. Dwayne Wade has had equally horrible teams, but has not had the same record as LeBron. Dwayne does have a ring, a very suspect ring due to the worst officiating in finals history, but a ring nonetheless. But, it is ignorant to argue that LeBron will run away from the pressure (25 straight points in game 5 against the Pistons rings a bell). His whole career has been filled with pressure, but no help to alleviate it.

    Now the whole debacle of the “decision” was stupid. He should not have done that to the fans in Cleveland, but whatever, it was fun to watch. LeBron is obviously a narcissist, but can you blame him? His whole life he has been told that he is the greatest. He even grew up without a father, and as a teacher, I can tell you first hand that kids without fathers have this strange swagger about them. They think they are the shit because they don’t have a dominate male figure telling them otherwise. Even LeBron’s crew would reiterate how great he is every single day.

    So, I can’t blame him for what he did. It was a gross display of narcissism, but he is the most beastly player in the NBA. He has had no help, no Robbin to his Batman… Now he has D-Wade and an overrated Chris Bosh. It will be fun to watch.

    Celtics beat them in 4 games if they play each other in the playoffs.

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