Solving the Pedroia Problem

This weekend the Boston Red Sox were dealt a crushing blow by the injury bug as Dustin Pedroia broke his foot fouling a ball off of it in San Francisco.  The timing of the injury couldn’t be any worse for the Sox.  Then again any injury to arguably the franchise player never happens at a good time.  The Sox have gotten back into the pennant race over the past month, an absolute dog fight with the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays in baseball’s most competitive division.  Pedroia was also showing signs of getting white hot after going through his annual slump.  The Laser Show will be put on hold for close to 6 weeks, and that is being optimistic.

The question in Boston right now is what will Theo do to solve the problem of losing one of the biggest bats in the lineup.  Yes, the Red Sox are 2 and 0 with Pedey on the disabled list.  But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they will be fighting an uphill battle without Dustin in the lineup.  Theo can stand pat and hope to catch lightning in a bottle with Bill Hall, much like he has with Darnell McDonald and Daniel Nava.  Back in 2006 Hall did hit 35 bombs with 85 runs batted in.  Maybe there is hope that Hall can produce to some degree knowing that he will be penciled into the lineup at 2nd base everyday.  However  from 2007-2009 Hall hit 36 home runs combined.

If  Theo decides to make a move, there are a few options available that he can explore.  While I don’t claim to be an MLB insider, I do think that these guys are logical choices to fill the void left by Pedroia.

My number one guy that I would like to see back in a Sox uniform is Freddy Sanchez.  He came up through the Sox farm system and had a cup of coffee with the big league club before being traded to Pittsburgh a few years ago in the Scott Sauerbeck deal.  Yes, San Francisco is only 4.5 back in the National League West.  I’d understand if they didn’t want to part with Freddy but if Theo wanted to give away some prospects such as Michael Bowden and Felix Doubrant I would have to believe San Fran would be intrigued.  Plus when Dustin comes back, Freddy is versatile enough to move around the infield.  This would be a stretch to acquire Sanchez but I would definitely be happy if he came.

Ty Wigginton would be another option for the Sox.  He is currently stuck in Baltimore and going nowhere fast.  He will almost certainly be dealt before the trade deadline.  While he may be questionable defensively at second base he is hitting .270 with 13 home runs and 40 runs batted in.  I have never been a huge Wigginton fan but you can’t question his offensive potential.

It seems every year Cristan Guzman is in trade rumors involving the Red Sox.  Much like Wigginton his glove is a question mark but he does consistently hit around .300 and has plenty of speed where he can burn up the base paths.  The Nationals are doing a great job of rebuilding their franchise and a few prospects for someone like Guzman would be ideal for the Nationals.

The last guy I could say that I’d truly want would be Mike Aviles.  He has been stuck in the cesspool known as Kansas City his whole career.  He is currently hitting .320 and would be a nice number 2 hitter behind Marco Scutaro.  There is no real reason for Kansas City to hang on to him since they continually can’t make it to Memorial Day in terms of staying in contention. 

If I had it my way, I would see what Billy Hall could do over the next week and a half.  I’d be fine with a solid defense and about .270 average.  If he doesn’t do that Theo has to pull the trigger and make a deal.  This Sox team is a dangerous one should they make October.  To lose it when you have the opportunity to make a move to stay in contention would be foolish.  I would most like to see Freddy Sanchez come to town but doubt it will happen.  I do predict Theo gets Guzman and I will be ok with that too.


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