Painful, embarrassing, and aggravating.   There are many more adjectives that could be used to describe the Celtics “effort” in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.  The morning after Game 6 has left a familiar taste in the mouths of New England sports fans everywhere.  Don’t believe me?  Think back to last year’s NFL playoffs when Ray Rice took the opening handoff 80 yards for a touchdown as the Ravens humiliated the Patriots.  Think to just a few weeks ago when the Boston Bruins were up 3 games to none on the Philadelphia Flyers only to successfully choke 4 games in a row bewildering a fan base.

The difference here is that these were games in which the hometown team was eliminated.  The silver lining with the Celtics is that, come Thursday, they have the opportunity to come back and play another game avenging the mortification of Tuesday night.  It had to be expected that Lakers would come out like bats out of hell last night and they were able to maintain their high level of play for 48 minutes while the Celtics never showed up.  Even the Laker fans were uncharacteristically loud and rowdy to my surprise.  It is not even worth analyzing what happened last night.  It is better to put to use the technology from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and erase any memory of what transpired last night.

If you are honest with yourself, you knew this series was going the full seven games.  I initially believed that the Celtics would take it in 6 but that was my homerism kicking in.  After Game One, my opinions changed.  I figured if the Celtics could split in LA, win 2 in Boston, and then split back in LA, they’d be marching in a parade come late June.  That is still the case.

After the 105 games Celtics have played in this season, it all comes down to one.  Game Seven is the greatest two words in all of sports.  We should embrace that we have a chance to see all that matters in the 2010 NBA season play out in 48 minutes.  Game 7 is Thursday at 9.  One team will be crowned champions of the world, the other will either have a long flight back across the country, or deal with losing the most important game of their careers on their home court.

As Red likes to hear, Let’s Go Celtics!


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  1. Just did some research and found a very interesting statistic. Over the course of this season, including the playoffs, when the Celtics lose by 10 or more points, the Celtics rarely lose the next game. Back-to-back loses after a humiliating defeat has only happened four times this year. The first happened way back in November, the 13th and 14th to be exact, when the C’s lost by 11 to the Atlanta Hawks, followed by a loss to the Indiana Pacers. The second time was in January, the C’s lost to the Bulls by 13, followed by 2 loses to Dallas and Detroit. The third was after a 20 point loss to the Cavs in February, where we lost the next game to the lowly Nets. And the last occurrence was the tough stretch in March where we lost by 21 to the Spurs, followed by Durrant doing work on us. All of these loses came with our Captain hurt, or KG playing like an old woman. Key part of this statistic is that we have not lost back-to-back games after losing by 10 or more points in the playoffs. Hopefully this trend continues. Going to be tough without Perkins… Bench needs to play huge. Rondo needs to play like Rondo… Defense, defense, defense, wins championships.

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