Is Game 6 Really It?

Once the Finals came, every game became the most important of the season, but no game is as important as an elimination game.  After a convincing performance in Game 5 the Celtics are about to play the most important game of the last 2 seasons, with an opportunity to stick it to the rival Lakers and celebrate a championship against the defending champions on their home court.  The Celtics ended the basketball title drought 2 years ago in Boston against their rivals, and this year, what would be sweeter than finishing it in LA….the answer is nothing.

As we have heard since Game 4, the Celtics bench has been the key to them being the first team in the series to win back to back games, an accomplishment that no one believed could be acheived.  For the bench to play as well as they did in Boston is based on two reasons: they did not have to deal a lot with Bynum in the middle and it is much easier for a teams bench to play well in front of the uplifting home crowd.  If the C’s bench can do in LA what they were able to do in Boston then see ya lata, series over.  Yet, you cannot expect that, so the key if that the bench just focuses on playing above the level they played at in games 1 and 2, and if you combine that with a revived Paul Pierce and KG, while assuming Ray Allen is not going to continue to struggle, then all signs point to the Boston Celtics wrapping this series up tonight in LA.

The Lakers have a problem.  Sadly, that problem is the non-Jordan Kobe Bryant.  He broke a cardinal rule with the use of the media to call out his teammates.  I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking that he tried to use it as a tool to motivate his teammates, hoping it would light a fire under them for this game at home.  Well, sorry killa, but you DO NOT cross that bridge in the NBA Finals.  Celtics by 4….see you at the parade in a week.


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