Game One: Knee Jerk Reactions

Lakers-102  Celtics-89

* I would be lying to you if I said I expected to see the Lakers execute their game plan as well as they did and the Celtics to play as poorly as they did.

*Kobe was Kobe and that was to be expected, getting his 30 with 7 boards and 6 dimes.

*Do you think Pau Gasol has taken exception to being called everything but a pansy over the past few days?  He flat-out dominated the artist formerly known as KG to the tune of 23 points and 14 boards while registering 46 minutes.  While Kobe was magnificent, Gasol was the MVP of Game One.

*I am never one to get on referees.  But I will say this.  If the refs decide to blow the whistle every other time down the court, the Celtics are done.  Being physical is apart of the game and if the refs limit that then the Lakers will cruise.  The other problem with the constant whistle blowing is there was no flow to the game at all.  This affects players like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce greatly because they need to get into a rhythm.

*The Celtics were 1 for 10 from downtown.  This is an area of the game they have a distinct advantage over the Lakers in.  Credit the Lakers defense for closing out on shooters and seemingly making every possession difficult for the Celts tonight.

*I felt Rondo never got it going tonight and that was evident by the lackluster performance of the C’s.  It is no secret, as Rondo goes so go the Celtics.  He had 13, 8, and 6.  That is a solid line but maybe I just expect more because he has spoiled me the past two seasons.

*Kevin Garnett was awful with a few promising bits of terrible tonight.  He didn’t rebound.  He didn’t play defense.  He basically looked like Betty White out there.  The 2 missed layups from point-blank range toward the end of the game illustrate that.  There is nothing more I can say about him other than I was wildly disappointed with his play.

*Ray never really had a chance to get going.  In the beginning of the game he nailed two jumpers and had the smile going as if he was feeling it and ready to explode.  The officiating crew of Joey Crawford and company had other ideas as Ray quickly got into foul trouble.

*Hopefully this was a wake up call for the Celtics and they will be motivated for Game 2.  They seemed flat from the tip and the Lakers made them pay.  If they can’t find the motivation to play like the team they have been playing like this postseason, then Pierce can get his room broom ready because Kobe will be sweeping the remains of a team with no heart off the TD Garden’s floor.

*It isn’t the end of the world for the Celtics.  The Celtics weren’t going to sweep the Lakers anyways.  They just have to refocus and come out hard in Game 2 and leave LA with a split.


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