The Boston Celtics, 2009-2010

Tonight could be the culmination of the entire season for the Boston Celtics.  All the questions that were asked about this team from the preseason and regaining Kevin Garnett, to the superb first 2 months, to the .500 basketball they played after the all-star break, finishing with their remarkable playoff run, will be answered with the outcome of Game 6 tonight.  We all know that there are 7 games in the series if it were to go that far, but the Celtics have the best opportunity to finish off the defending Eastern Conference Champions tonight at home.

No one believed that the Celtics were going to make it this far.  After stumbling into the playoffs it was known that they would get by the Heat, but then according to the cliched, so-called “experts”, they were expected to be downed by the Heat.  Only 2 of these people even picked the series to go 7!  Well sadly for them their knowledge did not really show through when the Celtics downed the “LeBrons” in six games.  Yet, here we are.  The Celtics did the impossible thought and advancing and that series has been forgotten.  The goal of this team was not to get to where they are now.  They want banner #18 to be hung from the rafters of the Garden next year because they do not receive a trophy for downing the most hyped player that has not won anything.  The Celtics know what is hanging on this game and they will wrap it up tonight allowing the fans to start practicing their “BEAT L.A.” chants.


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