Ubuntu over Stars

This post season has been spectacular thus far for the Boston Celtics.  They have taken down 2 superstars in Dwayne Wade and LeBron James.  They are up two games on Dwight Howard.  If I had of been told this between January and February, I would have laughed in your face.  But like a light switch the Celtics were able to turn it on at the right time.  Not because anyone player has stepped up, but because the synergy of the Celtics has reigned supreme.

Sure, Rajon Rondo has played out of his mind and has proven that he is in fact a top five point guard in the League.  But the ability of the team to play around him and for him to set everyone up has been the key to success.  In 2008 Rondo had to learn how to play with The Big Three, and they took home the title that year.  In 2010, The Big Three have learned to play around Rondo, and that has made the difference.  The most telling stat of the Celtics post season thus far is that not one player has led the team in scoring in back to back games.  Its not that the Celtics have too many weapons, they are just a well oiled machine.

The bench play has been spectacular as well.  I am eating my words watching Rasheed Wallace be the defensive stopper I once thought he was.  If he continues to hit his 2 threes a game off the bench and goes down in the post every so often like he has, I have zero reason to complain.  Glen Davis has been able to draw his 2 charges a game by sacrificing his body under the basket and taking away lanes to the basket.  He has played Dwight Howard as well as Perk and Sheed have and that is all the more surprising.  His occasional jumper from 15-18 feet seems like a post season fixture for Davis.

The only unfortunate thing I have seen in these playoffs is that after 5 years in the league, Tony Allen has finally learned his role.  He has played lock down defense on the opposing team’s best scorer and has gotten into the flow of the offense.  Watching him and Rondo run a fast break is a thing of beauty.  Why is this unfortunate?  In comparing 2008 to 2010 Tony Allen is James Posey.  I hate to see Tony go but he is playing himself into a nice contract for himself next season.  But i guess I will take the good with the bad.  In the case the good is far greater than the bad.

The Celtics are 2 wins away from a berth in the NBA Finals hopefully against the Lakers.  6 wins from an NBA title.  All because they are the best team in the world up to this point.  A team that will refuse to lose.  A team that when it is all said and done will have taken down, DWade, King James, Superman, and Kobe.


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