Jamine “Greedy” Peterson…No Longer a PC Friar

I have just received the most personally devastating news since the day of my birth.  Jamine “Greedy” Peterson has been dismissed from the Providence College men’s basketball team because of, according to head coach Keno Davis,  “a violation of team rules.”  Davis also stated, "Jamine had a productive season in 2009-10. However, regardless of his athletic accomplishments, it is essential to the integrity of the program that every student-athlete meets the high standards and expectations we have at Providence College."

Peterson was undoubtedly PC’s best offensive player throughout the course of the 2009-2010 season, and he was also expected to be a pivotal key to the ascending success of the Providence College basketball program.  As a fan of PC, this loss cuts me pretty deep.  Peterson was my favorite player on the team.  He displayed a mix of offensive post moves, with an improved jump shot, an uncanny ability to crash the glass, as well as highlight reel athleticism that landed him on Sportscenter’s top 10 plays a few times.  But, aside from his physical talent, what I loved most about Greedy Peterson was his quiet but aggressive style of play.  I attended almost every PC home game this past season and never once did I hear Greedy talk any sort of trash.  I rarely saw him complain to the referees and it was even more of a rarity to see him yell at one of him teammates.  Peterson simply came to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center ready to work hard and try and grind one out for him team.  I realize that right now I sound like the head of the Jamine Peterson fan club.  I realize that most of you reading this post may not even be PC Friars basketball fans (if you are a URI fan now is the time to leave this site immediately, before we have any problems).  But, what you may not realize is my level of passion surrounding the Friars’ basketball program.  Starting every November, I devote much energy to hyping up, cheering on, and hoping for Friars’ success.  I stick with the team throughout the course of the season, good or bad.  Most importantly, I never give up hope for the future.

Peterson’s loss was a huge blow to Keno Davis and his staff.  The previous losses of Still and Lacy aren’t so detrimental.  Johnnie Lacy was planning on transferring before he decided to beat up and unsuspecting PC student for no apparent reason (and subsequently expedite his exit from the team).  James Still didn’t contribute much to the Friars in the 2009-2010 season, so his assistance to Lacy, and his soon to be expulsion from school doesn’t have much effect on the basketball program.  But, Peterson being dismissed from the team now leaves the weight of the basketball program (and it’s possible success) on the shoulders of Vincent Council.  Marshon Brooks like he would be the one to step in and pick up the offensive slack, but Marshon Brooks is horrendous.  Im sorry Marshon, you are not Kobe Bryant, you will never be Kobe Bryant, you probably will never be let within fifty feet of Kobe Bryant…so stop trying to be Kobe Bryant!  Council will be a sophomore point guard that is more of a playmaker than a scorer.  But, by the end of last season Coucil cemented himself as the future of the program, and another key piece for Keno to bring in recruits around.  Now that Greedy has been dismissed, much more pressure with be put on highly touted incoming freshmen Gerard Coleman, Joseph Young, Brice Kofane, and Ron Giplaye.  Freshmen that put in big minutes rarely live up to the hype immediately, which spells trouble for the Friars in the upcoming season.  But, as much as people want to start bashing Keno Davis (please realize that Peterson nor Lacy were Keno’s recruits), I’m going to keep faith in his ability to recruit exceptionally well and continue the development of the players that he has on his roster.


5 Responses

  1. Maybe they will play defense now. Just a thought. Until the team shows they are not thugs and stop thinking they can act in irrational manners without consequence, they have lost an avid fan.

    I intend on turning a cold shoulder to PC basketball until they can straighten themselves out.

  2. Don’t be a LeBron Scotty

  3. Do u kno y he was kicked off the team? All I heard was something about some 15 yr old bball team. I can only assume it has something o do with serving minors alcohol… any details?

  4. There have been numerous rumors. I believe time will only tell. Everybody has heard something different ranging from all kinds of serious wrong doing.

  5. The rumor I heard is pretty awful. not only did he buy 15 yr olds booze and weed at an aau camp, but prostitutes as well… I honestly hope it isn’t true but if it is, he deserves everything coming to him.

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