Unnecessary Disappointment

I am neither a hockey fan nor aficionado, but what I am is a sports fan.  Because I seem to be one of the few bloggers to actually write some posts around here (bfarl7 ignore this attack), I’m going to attempt to weigh in on a subject that I have no reason to even consider approaching.  Only four times in sports history, well now five, has a team been able to come back from a three game deficit to win a series in seven games.  Yes, the entails a team having to win four consecutive games in a playoff series (where at least two of these games would be played on the road).  It also entails one team collapsing for four consecutive games, and then being placed in the record books for not being able to finish a series.  Man…that really sucks for the Boston Bruins.

All I have been hearing about since the Bruins were grinding out the series against the best goaltender in the game (Ryan Miller) is how good this emerging young Finnish goalie is.  Tuukka Rask was “standing on his head” (as you hockey buffs say) game after game.  In my opinion, he single handedly won the Buffalo series.  And then the clouds opened, a ray of light beamed down from the heavens, and God himself handed Claude Julien and his boys the Philadelphia Flyers.  Never mind the fact that the Flyers just dethroned the almighty New Jersey Brodeur’s.  The Bruins were being handed a Philadelphia team that was on their third goalkeeper of the season, and they were without two of their most gifted offensive players (Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne).  Bruins fans around the country were salivating at the thought of running the Flyers quickly out of town, getting a few days to rest, and then having Rask attempt to stifle the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup champions in the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The first three games went exactly to plan, and then came game four.  An overtime thriller, which the Bruins’ were on the losing side of, seemed like nothing more than a bump in the road.  Game five was dismal.  The Bruins were unenthused, energetic, and certainly unexciting.  But, even with the series now at 3-2, not one Bruins fan was truly worried about the Flyers winning anymore games.  God again blessed the Bruins by removing Boucher from game 6.  With a gasp and a wipe of the brow, we now knew our Bruins would be advancing to the…oh shit, Leighton just stifled an already struggling Bruins offense.  Even with the series now being tied 3-3 and with Barry Melrose jumping on the Flyers’ bandwagon, no Boston Bruins fan thought that their beloved team could actually lose four games in a row and place themselves amongst the immortal choke-jobs of all time.  Well yes Bruins fans, I’m sorry to say that your hockey team is now one of five teams to ever lose four games in a row after being up three games to none in a playoff series.

As the clock hit zero and the Bruins’ fate was sealed last night, I can imagine the profanity flying through the air.  I can see television’s being angrily shut off, faces full of disgust, and glasses being thrown.  Hell, I even had to put down a couple cold one’s to help my emotions settle too.  But, as I sat and pondered what just happened, I came to a rationalization that only a non-fan could stumble upon.  The 2010 season for the Boston Bruins was a resounding success.  I know that coming into the season expectations were high.  Tim Thomas just has the season of his life, the Bruins were the best team in the league the previous year (according to regular season record), and their only loss was an uninspired winger that threw a few pucks in net.  But, with 11 games left in the season the Bruins were fighting for a playoff spot.  I believe they won 7 of their last 11 games, miraculously ended up with a sixth seed, and proceeded to win a playoff series against the USA’s golden goalie.  That surpasses any expectations that I had for the lowly 2010 Boston Bruins, and once you take a step back, lay your Lucic jersey on the bed for a second, and become a rational person, you’ll also realize that disappointment has no place in the conversation about these Boston Bruins.

Now that the Bruins have been eliminated, normal order of the world can be restored.  The 80% of you that did not watch more than five regular season games for the Bruins (but proclaimed you were fans come playoff time) can go about your lives rooting for the Red Sox because that is the popular thing to do, try to talk basketball at the bar because you watched Sportscenter that morning, and hope that next season some local team you really aren’t a fan of does well so you can spend $100 to go to a playoff game.  For the 15% of you out there that are true Bruins fans, try to step outside of your fanship for a minute and realize the big picture.  Realize that Claude Julien did an amazing job this season with a team that shouldn’t have even smelled playoff hockey.  Also realize that with the second overall selection in the 2010 NHL Draft, the Bruins are poised to draft a cornerstone player for this team for the next 10-15 years.  And, don’t fail to realize that no matter how good the Bruins do, they are like the sixth man on a basketball team, you love what they give you when they are in the game, but if you see them too often you know the shit has hit the fan.  For the remaining 5% of us that accept we are not hockey fans, but are so engulfed in the Boston sports scene that we find ourselves watching games, but then being critical of the team which follows with an attack from your drunk buddies about how you hate all Boston sports teams…well, keep living your life, man (well woman too, I don’t want to be sexist).


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  1. Expectations were high by people who didn’t know what they were talking about (example: notorious Bruins hater, Barry Melrose.)…Tuukka was as big of a surprise to me, as he was a mistake. Thomas deserved better, and the Bruins needed him more apparently than ever, within those final four games….Any real Bruins fan knew this series, this team, had a very real chance of blowing up, even after a 3-1 lead with 40 minutes to go…It was always going to happen….read my first post ever on this site, and it will explain in detail how the Bruins are not a great team…Julien will stay…Thomas will go….and don’t criticize me for not voicing my opinion on something that words can not describe. Simply saying it is the most tragic playoff loss in the history of sports, is an absolute understatement to a real Bruin’s fan….I will never again discuss this team. I will only discuss next year’s…If we will even recognize it after they clean house…

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