The Truth about LeBron James

While I am fully aware that the Celtics post-season is nowhere near over, I find it necessary to offer opinion of the greatest basketball player in the world after the Celtics had him exit stage right.  While watching the Celtics-Cavs series I, along with the rest of the world, paid particular attention to one LeBron James. After watching the series and reflecting upon it over the past two days, the Staples slogan runs through my head, "That was easy." What made it so easy?  LeBron James is a baby.

I absolutely hate to compare athletes from generation to generation or sport to sport but all I could think of as a reasonable comparison for Lebron was Mike Tyson.  Tyson was the equivalent of a high school bully.  He was someone that would beat the crap out of you and punish you into submission, but if you were able to muster the courage to hit that bully, or Tyson for that matter back,  you were going to be alright.  Just ask Buster Douglas.  Once the boxing world learned this, people went right after Tyson.  The same can be said for LeBron James.  D him up as best you can, take the ball to him, and he will quit because LeBron is a baby.

No longer will there be any conversation about him joining the ranks of all time great NBA players.  The all time great’s are the all time great’s for a reason.  They compete.  Did Larry give up against the Pistons? Hell no. He stole the ball and laid it underneath to DJ for the win.  Did Michael quit? Hell no.  He had a temperature of 103 against the Jazz having Scottie Pippen carry him off the court after scoring 38 points.  You don’t even have to look at the all time greats for players that compete and not give up.  Just this past week, Steve Nash had a black eye so severe it was swollen shut and he still willed his team to victory over the San Antonio Spurs.  Has Lebron or can LeBron do any of this? No.  LeBron is a baby.

Run along to New York LeBron, go get your money and get out of Cleveland.  Abandon the city that you grew up in and that coddled you for your 25 years on this earth.  But never ask to be put into the conversation of all time great players.  Kobe didn’t leave Los Angeles.  Tim didn’t leave San Antonio.  Paul didn’t leave Boston.  You couldn’t wait to get out of Cleveland because you are a wimp.  Your effort was less than cavalier when your team and your city needed you most. 

Yes, we all are witnesses.  We have witnessed what you do when the NBA really matters under the brightest spotlight.  Sure, you proclaimed that you can win the scoring title every year if you wanted to.  Ask Kevin Durant about that.  Sure you can lead your team to the best regular season record time and time again, jumping around and taking mock pictures and giving the 15 minute handshake when things are going well.  But what do you do when the occasion calls for a great player to do great things?  You go 3-14 on your home floor and turn the ball over 9 times.

The truth about you sir, you are a baby and babies do that.


3 Responses

  1. Although I love the use of “babies,” I find it necessary to point out that LeBron has never asked to be put in the same class as the greats. Never has LeBron James asked to be compared to Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, or Larry Bird. We as the fans, and they as the media, put LeBron in that category because of his statistical accolades and showmanship. As for his playoff accomplishments, they are essentially non-existent. But, let us not forget that is took Michael Jordan seven seasons to win an NBA championship…Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were once criticized for not being able to win an NBA championship…so let us not write LeBron James off completely (nor write over the top of my post).

  2. Respectfully disagree Scottie. . .LeBron is 25. . .I’m sorry but in my honest opinion I believe he was actually hurt. You could literally SEE it in the way he played. Was I the only person who watched him in game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals?…He has shown up in the playoffs before. Saying all that he is still a baby and does what babies do. Go Celtics.

  3. With it coming out that Delonte was sleeping with LeBron’s mom, that may have changed his general attitude toward basketball.

    However I stick by my “factual opinion” that he is not “King James”

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