Postion Rankings (OTA Edition): Quarterbacks

  Over the next few weeks I will be ranking the positions from each team within the AFC East.  In the first installment of this article I will focus on the most important position; quarterback. 

 1)  New England Patriots- Was there really a question here?  Tom Brady will keep New England at #1 in this division until he retires, unless he goes out like Johnny U that is.  The big problem with the quarterback situation is depth.  There is no Matt Cassel backing up Tom if he goes down again, threes actually no Matt Cassel in K.C it seems for that matter.  New England has drafted a quarterback in Zac Robinson that I actually like.  He played well at the senior bowl and it can’t hurt to learn from Brady on a daily basis. 

 2) Miami Dolphins-  I give Miami this slot because A.- I think Chad Henne is better than Mark Sanchez, 2-  if Henne were to get hurt Miami has TWO proven starters to back him up in Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen, one of which is the most accurate passer in NFL history, and D- There is more film to judge Henne on than there is of 2 seasons on Mark Sanchez.   Why Henne over Sanchez?  I don’t think there is a huge gap by any means between the two I just feel that the lack of games played by Sanchez coupled with the fact that he has not won a game on his arm alone give Henne the edge.  Henne played at Michigan and started all four years.  He was thrown into a starting role in week three and had a 7-5 record as a starter with the leagues toughest schedule and a sub-par (to be kind) receiving corps.

 3) New York Jets- Record vs. the aforementioned QB( Henne) 0-2.  Sanchez showed flashes of brilliance in the playoffs.  However I am not confident that he could win a shootout in one of those old school 60 point games.  That being said I don’t think he will have to.  Sanchez is playing behind the best offensive line in football and his front office has brought in talent to surround the young signal caller.  The ceiling for both Sanchez and Henne is very high and this debate will not be solved for another couple of years.  Kellen Clemons is serviceable but he may be gone before camp ends.

4) Buffalo Bills-  The rotating door at the quarterback position last year for the Bills was an enigma that few Bill fans could understand.  The likes of Matt Fitzpatrick, Trent Edwards, and Brian Brohm does not strike fear into the eyes of any coordinator I’m sure.  The Bills have brought in Chan Gailey as their head coach this season.  Gailey is a former quarterbacks coach and successful offensive coordinator that falls into the category; good coordinator/ bad coach. I’m guessing that bringing in Gailey the Bills hope to improve their quarterback play….well to that notion I say, you can’t polish a turd!  Bring in a quarterback or you will be the Raiders of this decade. Projected starter…. who cares!


One Response

  1. Great post bfarl. I agree with all your rankings. You’re right, the Henne/Sanchez debate will not be settled for the next couple of years. As for Robinson, in my opinion that was a great pickup for the Pats late in the draft. Between him and Hoyer, the Patriots are sure to get a serviceable backup (if not two) by the end of training camp. Although, I think that Robinson is a much better prospect coming out of school than Cassell. I think that Cassell’s lack of success has as much to do with his own play (along with the lack of talent on the Chiefs) as it has to do with Belicheck’s offensive system being designed for quarterback success.

    Sanchez will certainly benefit from playing behind the best offensive line in football as well as having one of the best running games. As for Henne, I think that his individual success will be hampered by the Dolphins desire to run first, run the wildcat second, and throw third; although Henne has done a good job adjusting so far. It wouldn’t surprise me that when we look back after the 2010 season we will be looking at Sanchez #2 and Henne #3. As for #4, I actually don’t hate Brian Brohm in Buffalo. He has had plenty of seasoning behind Brett Favre and then Aaron Rodgers, and I liked him a lot when he came out of Louisville. But, the Bills have zero talent surrounding him (besides a top 10 pick used on a third down running back) and that will make any sort of success quite difficult.

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