Quick Notes on Potential B’s Sweep

* Mark Stuart may return, as a direct replacement for recently fallen giant, Adam McQuaid. I look forward to the utilization of his stregnth and skill, but will he contribute physically, only a game back from his “hand” injury, and will he be a difference maker on defense? He is a better option, but the forwards will still need to step back and forecheck. It IS a deffinite improvement.

* Simon Gagne will be back for the Flyers. This is also a difference maker for the Flyers, not because he will step it up and make any significant contributions, but it alleviates the on slaught of injuries plaguing the Flyers, and the players around him will kick it up a notch. Look for Gagne to be overused, but the Flyers to come out strong.

* Marchand AND Whitfield will play? Thornton will sit again? Kreijci is out for the season?!?! With Sobotka’s stepped up play, and Savard showing that he remains a top center, even after his two month hiatus, the B’s will put lines together that will work. In Julien We Trust.

* The B’s will end it tonight. Boucher is not as clutch as Philly hoped, and I will make the call I made long before these playoffs, and before they upset the struggling Devils. The Flyers have and will flop, and they are not as good as that first series made it out to be, or as Hockey news predicted. They play their old style, with old players, and have not responded at all this series to Laviolette’s coaching style. I hope he moves on next season, to bigger and better things. I hope Carcillo gets hurt, and Pronger retires. Pronger will retire.

* Tuukka! Puck Control! Continued Success!!

*Defense! Use your sticks and legs! No shots, no goals!!

*B’s at 7:00, Game 4 sweep in Philly!!

To answer my fellow bloggers question, THAT is what I will be watching!


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