My Momentary Stance on the Proverbial Soapbox

As my fellow blogger has pointed out, there is a mass of sports based excitement in the New England area tonight.  But, before I decided to dedicate my Friday night to sitting in front of three televisions at some bar, I think it is important to take a critical look at some events that have occurred in the very recent history.

-When I first learned that ESPN’s Sportscenter would begin to broadcast their shows live throughout the course of the day I begin to believe that there truly was a God.  We would now be past the era of Sportscenter where the same exact stories would be run on consecutive shows for eight hours per day.  We would now be fed different stories, breaking news, and news updates for those eight hours, seemingly revolutionizing sports television.  Sadly, I was once again mistaken.  I have heard at least three stories per Sportscenter show about LeBron’s elbow for almost two weeks now.  The only thing that aggravates me more than hearing about LeBron’s elbow is hearing about Brett Favre mulling over retirement or an epic comeback in March.

Along those same lines, if LeBron James is capable to running the length of the court, elevating his hand to almost twelve feet in the area, and rejecting a Tony Allen layup attempt forcefully off of the backboard with his “hurt” arm, then he is NOT hurt.  His attempts to shorten the gap between him and Michael Jordan are not working.  In game five of the 1997 NBA Finals Michael Jordan suffered from a stomach virus or food poisoning.  He was in such bad condition that the Bulls’ training staff said that there was no way Jordan could play.  But, with the series tied a two games apiece with the Utah Jazz, Jordan somehow dragging his body onto the court (visibly pale and weak) and put up 38 points, seven rebounds, five assists, three steals and one block.  Scottie Pippen had to help Jordan off of the court for timeouts and after quarters.  Michael Jordan didn’t hold a press conference talking about how sick he was.  He didn’t alert the media at every opportunity to give them a status update.  So LeBron, take a page from Michael’s book, shut the hell up and stop bitching!  If the elbow on your shooting arm was as hurt as you say it is, than you wouldn’t be able to shoot, dribble, and defend as you have so far this series.  I’m sick of this dramatic build up around LeBron James…and this just further cements the fact that he is NOT the next Michael Jordan.

-On a lighter note, what should the Red Sox do with “Not really that big anymore, but now moderately sized Papi” (just made that up…I know it’s pretty good)?  I understand that he hit two homeruns the other night.  I understand that he hit another homerun over the Green Monster a few nights ago.  I understand that David Ortiz is a legendary player in Red Sox history.  What I don’t understand is why he is still playing for the Sox.  Mike Lowell is clearly a much better hitter than Ortiz at this point in both of their careers.  Ortiz’s bat speed is still painfully slow.  Even his four homeruns (and dreadful seven RBI’s) don’t make up for the fact that his .171 average is a huge hindrance to the success of the Red Sox’s offense.  It’s time to make the switch Tito, Mike Lowell is the DH for the remainder of the season.

Three years ago, if you listened to WEEI on a regular basis you would know that Bruins talk was a rarity (and that may be an overstatement).  If a caller called into one of the radio programs asking to talk about the Bruins they would either get laughed at, blown up, hurried off of the air, or a combination of the three.  Now, I tune into WEEI and it’s primarily Bruins talk.  I’m not much of a hockey fan, nor do I claim to be.  But, it is very satisfying to essentially listen to Glenn Ordway eat his words on the radio and entertain Bruins based calls for four hours every night.

-With everything going on tonight, I am very proud to say that the only game I am interested in watching is the Red Sox vs. Yankees game.  Why, you ask?  Bad idea.  The NBA, as a whole, is a terrible brand of basketball.  If I wanted to watch one on one basketball, then I would tune into the And 1 Mixtape Tour.  I get disgusted watching the Celtics and Cavs play the entire fourth quarter of every game in isolation.  Mike Brown, can you not be any more creative than giving LeBron the ball at half court and then telling everyone else to get out of the way?  Did you see the Magic vs. Hawks last night?  It was legitimately one on one the entire fourth quarter for the Hawks.  All the Magic did was let Dwight Howard throw Al Horford to the side and then set him up for a dunk…offensive foul anyone?  I refuse to place any interest in the National Basketball Association because of the disgrace they have done to the former beautiful art that was known as basketball.  I will pay a bit more attention to the Bruins, just because I have been caught up in the whole craze, but I’m not a hockey fan in the regular season so why would I proclaim to be a hockey fan during the postseason?  Sounds kind of cliché to me.  For the aforementioned reasons, I will be dedicating the most of my attention to the Red Sox season revival.  Tonight is the barometer of Josh Beckett’s form.  He is a notoriously slow starter, and has certainly continued that trend this season.  We all know that Beckett will be amped for this game, so if he comes out and throws another bad game than we can certainly look for a typical Josh Beckett trip to the DL in the near future.  The Sox need to grab two out of three from the Yanks to regain the optimism that was surrounding the team before the start of the season.  It is time for the starting pitching to finally perform the way that we know they are capable of performing.  That is where my attention will be devoted tonight, but no matter where you decided to devote your attention tonight, just make sure that you are in front of a large television with a beer in your hand and spending time with the people that mean the most to you (didn’t want to get all sentimental on you…but sometimes it’s necessary).


3 Responses

  1. My fear, is that if and when the Bruins do not win the Stanley CUP, regardless if they make it to OT in Game 7 and Joe Pavelski throws in a fluke game winner, the next day, WEEI among the rest of the bang wagon B’s fans, will declare in one voice, “I told you they were gonna blow it!!”. That being said, I will never hear the end of it, and the B’s will never find peace, if they don’t win it outright…mark my words, the Bruins will never be enough for any Boston fan…

  2. The problem is that WEEI got rid of the only Bruins fan they actually had with Pete “The Meat”.

  3. Only show on EEI that is tolerable is Dale and Holley. I switched my allegence a long time ago to 98.5

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