Bring On LeBron

Despite the best efforts of the officiating crew tonight, the Celtics made sure they would not be returning to Miami for Game 6.  The Green cooled the Heat winning 96-86 in a game they pretty much controlled throughout.  The old phrase, "be careful what you wish for because you might just get it" does not apply here.  They want LeBron.  The Celtics showed that tonight and possibly for the first time since the first 10 games of the season.

Tonight reminded me of watching the Celtics of 2008 with Ray Allen scorching the net for 24 points, Paul Pierce doing what he does best in creating offense for himself, and I do believe that the old KG might just be back.  Rondo played out of his mind finishing 2 rebounds short of a triple double.

This is the first time in 3 years that the Celtics were able to close out the opening round in less than 7 games.  For that, I am extremely grateful.  I do believe that the rest they will have before facing the LeBron’s is of the utmost importance going into the Eastern Conference semifinals.

There is plenty of reasons to be optimistic as a Celtic fan.  The Big Three are playing great, Rondo is running circles around the opposition, and the defensive intensity is slowly coming back.  Glen Davis has picked up from his sensational playoff a year ago albeit in different ways.  I have loved watching him step in front of anyone driving to the basket and drawing a charge.  Tony Allen has provided an energy off the bench as well.

Looking ahead to the LeBron’s, this series has the makings of an instant classic.  The experienced Celtic squad against the heir apparent seeking his first ring.  The Celtics have shown that they do in fact remember how to play competitive basketball.  This is very encouraging.  However, I think everyone is going to need to step their games up another notch in order to take down Cleveland.

As much as I want to see Rasheed Wallace plant his fat, lazy ass on the end of the bench for the whole series, I’d be remiss if I said the Celtics didn’t need him.  The Celtics need the flashes and glimpses that Rasheed showed periodically throughout the season in this series.  I also think Doc may have to call upon Marquis Daniels and Nate Robinson to provide some production off the bench.  After all these upcoming games are by far the biggest of the year.

The Celtics did anything but limp into this series with the Cavs.  They need to keep the momentum going and take at least 1 out of the first 2 games in Cleveland.  I know they can do this I know they will do this. I am pumped.

In closing, as Red loved to hear, "LETS GO CELTICS!"


3 Responses

  1. I agree that we need Sheed in this series, mostly to defend Shaq, which he has done in the past. Perk is guaranteed to get into foul trouble defending Shaq and Sideshow Bob, so Sheed is essential to our success. Our success will lie a great deal upon our help defense, something Sheed has struggled with in our defensive system. Offensively, If Sheed can actually hit a jumper, it can open things up for Pierce and Allen, as well as KG down low. I am excited for Rondo to own Mo Williams and interested to see if Pierce can defend LeBron like he did 2 years ago. This Cavs team is a lot better than the one we played in ’08, but we can and will beat them. Hopefully the youth of the Bruins will rub off on the C’s and vice versa. Should be an exciting series. My prediction: Celts in 4… obviously

  2. Where my concern lies is defending LeBron. Pierce did an impressive job of defending James in 2008, but Paul is two years slower and not near the defense effectiveness that he was at two seasons ago. Ray has surprised me with his willingness to dedicate himself to defense at particular points this season (defending the likes of Kobe and Wade), but I think the size differential between him and LeBron would wear Ray out and effect his offensive output. Garnett is much to slow now. Tony Allen is too much of a liability to play serious minutes. Marquis Daniels hasn’t seen significant minutes in the playoffs. I’m just concerned that out inability to match up with LeBron will lead to a ton of help defense and therefore open shots for the rest of the Cavs.

  3. The best defense against LeBron is actually Cleveland’s offense as crazy as that may sound. When Shaq is in the game he takes up so much space in the paint that it limits LeBron’s game. The Celtics should gladly pack it in almost to a 2-3 zone sort of deal and force James to shoot from the outside.

    If Cleveland relaizes they are their own worst enemy and pull Shaq, this will open up the floor for LeBron to do whatever he pleases. That would spell trouble for the Celts.

    I think LeBron will see the combination of Pierce, Ray-Ray, TA, and Quisy. Keep LeBron under 35 and dont allow any of the rest of the Cavs to get involved and the Celtics will be alright.

    However this is a lot easier said than done.

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