Bruins defeat Sabres, Head to Pennsylvania

In the 2009 NHL playoffs, the Bruins lost chemistry, lost man power, and regressed. Progress, the ability to learn and adapt, to come back from being down, to win at home, to score on the powerplay, to score at all, are all attributes the Bruins were able to find, and at precisely the right time. Success in hockey is matched only by speed, physicality and the ability to win in streaks. No team in the NHL is riding a faster horse, and in taming a division rival, a Vezina Trophy Winner and U.S. Olympian, a team that belongs next the dentist elf, teeing off on the Island of Misfit Toys, shuts everyone up, and conquers their fears, and their own misfortunes. When the Ducks rode J. S. Giguere to win the Cup, they were the least likely team, with the least likely hero, at just the right time. The Bruins played an extremely weak, late game defense, and made plenty of stupid mistakes. There is so much to take out this past series that was good, but more to criticize. I will analyze what they need to improve upon, and what they need to keep going in full force, when the draw is set, and their Pennsylvanian foe is confirmed. For now I will simply list my Top Three Stars of this past series, and the two stand outs who disappointingly made it into my Dog House.

Top Three Stars:

3) Miroslav Satan: For scoring the two most important goals of the series, making himself available and displaying a level of patience, which desperately needs to be matched by fellow European centers Sobotka and Kreijci, appearing just on the cusp of this list. He is playing at a mid-season level, and is proving to be the steel of the year for the B’s, and the main reason the Trade Deadline moves look only sub par, compared to an epic failure.

2) Johnny Boychuk: Some people need a warm glass of milk to go to sleep. I only need that hit on Ellis, by defenseman, “How much wood could a Boychuk chuck if a Boychuk could chuck wood?” Johnny Boychuk, and his shoulders made of concrete and brawn. He lifted his game, along side and along with Zdeno Chara, to a level which dwarfed that of Wideman’s, Ferrence’s, McQuaid’s and Hunwick’s efforts. I predicted greatness for this kid, and I believe next year we will have that elusive second, top-tier defenseman, the Bruins have needed since the departure of Bourque and Sweeney. (I ignore Seidenberg until he truly becomes a Bruin.)

1) Tuuka Rask: Julien’s Guide to Rask Management! I can not say enough about the journey I have taken with Rask this season. My love of Tim Thomas forced me to continuously push back, and until that final victory this season, I will continue. The diving save in Game 4, the solidity and poise displayed in Game 5 and in the victorious Game 6 and forcing me to chew my words, are all accomplishments in their own right, however winning the series, earning every save, and every minute, proves me wrong, and pleases me more than anyone. Tim Thomas is a humble man, and will admit with me, and with the rest of the would be speculators that Tuukka Rask is not only the future, but he is the present, and he is the missing link for the Bruins’ success. A hot goalie, at the right time, beating the best goalie, with a battered defense in front of him, was always out of the realm of possibilities for this Bruins team, until now.


Dog House:

Dennis Wideman: There is not much to explain, except for the fact that he brought down a defense, volatile to failure. Wideman’s give away in Game 6 is the tip of the iceberg that has been a completely disappointing season. Andrew Ferrence may have had a worse series, however Wideman makes me cringe every time he handles the puck in his end, and that is not a healthy relationship. I want him gone next season, but for now, I can only hope he improves.

Marco Sturm: If there is any Bruins forward I would sit upon Marc Savard’s return it is Sturm. He couldn’t hit the ocean, and the blade of his stick played like dynamite. Putting him on the first line lead to no success, and he is a hinderance to a very present and solid offensive force. Who knew? If and when he steps it up, the Bruins will be that much better.


Claude Julien proved something to the Bruin’s fans, and to his team, by convincing them to play his system, and coaching it in such a way as to lead to success. The system allowed adaptability yet left room for reckless and exciting playoff hockey. Lucic “did” hit everything this series, and we must now wait until the weekend, until we can let him out of his cage, yet again.

I digress until the draw, and leave you utterly impressed, and anxiously waiting.

Watch 4/28, Canadiens vs. Capitals, Game 7   !!!


4 Responses

  1. Gotta love the youth. I have become a huge fan of Sobotka and Boychuck this past week. I love the way these kids play puck.

    I refuse to focus on anything negative as I now see that the Bruins are playing with house money and anything they do from this point on I will see as extra hockey and a chance for the youth to gain playoff experience.

    That being said I, along with every other Bruins fan want Cooke and the Pens. Even if we dont get them in this next series, thats whos I want in the Eastern Conference Finals if we are so fortunate to get there.

    • Flyers give you home ice advantage and an easier second round foe…but I want the Pens as well….I disagree yet again however, that they are playing on “house money”….they are playing to win….

  2. I am excited to see how this all unfolds, the playoff experience will be priceless for the youth of this team and when Hall gets to boston he should be able to hit the ice skating.

    The best part about this past series is that there were so many points to improve upon and coach up that the B’s should go into Pitt or back to Boston re-focued and re-energized.

    • I agree….If I am Claude Julien I focus only on the mistakes, because the things they are doing right, came out of nowhere, and their successes are at a voltaile high point

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