Did You Just Question my Fanhood?

There are many great sport cities around with a lot of loyal fans. There are also a lot of what we call in the "biz"  bandwagon fans. They only root for the good teams and only when they are winning. There are crazy fans, die-hard fans, fans of all ages, colors, and creeds. However there are only 4 cities where REAL fans dwell: Boston, New York, Chicago, and Philly.

What about LA or Miami? People who live in LA or Miami only go to games so they can say they sat next to Jack Nicholson or they took a cell phone picture of J-Lo’s ass. Don’t even get me started on that damn Rally Monkey! Why not Pittsburgh and their terrible towel?  They got the terrible part right but they should replace the word "Towel" with the word "Idea".

In other cities all around they have all these gimmicks to get fans to cheer louder, wear the same color, or even just go to the sporting events.

In the real sport cities, we don’t need to be told to cheer loud. As a matter  of fact, maybe we do because instead of cheering we’re to busy telling the opposing player how much he sucks or the nasty things we want to do to his mother. Go to Fenway and you’ll hear it. In the real sport cities you don’t need to hand out free shirts to get us to wear the same color. Go to a Celtics game all you see is green and white. We don’t need a Bat Night, Poster Night, or a Bobblehead night. All we need is a night. 

You could go tell an Eagles fan and say the team bus just crashed  all the players died, and the only people available to play are the cast of High School Musical. They wouldn’t look at you funny or say "Oh my God how did this happen?" They would say "Ok the games still at 1 right?" Go up to the Yankee fan and give him thunder sticks to bring into the stadium. I bet you he will take those thunder sticks from you, but he wont be bringing them into the stadium. Oh no, he’ll be bashing you in the face with them. If  you presented the Cubs fans the Rally Monkey there would be a lot of animal cruelty arrests.

In  Boston, New York, Chicago, and Philly we don’t need gimmicks. We need good beer, good sports, and seats near the bathroom. We don’t have thunder sticks. We have loud mouths. We don’t need to stage a "White out"  or a  "Blue Out." We’re coming to the game in the team colors anyway. We don’t need you to tell us to cheer "DE-FENSE" or "LET’S GO REDSOX" or tell us to clap. We’re gonna do it anyway.

This is what I think is lost in all the other cities. This is what sports needs to get back to around the country. It’s not about Rally Monkeys or "Mannywood" or which celebrity is at the game. It’s about the game and the amazing athletes you’re about to watch. And the thrill of athetic competition. So the next time you go a game and you see a fan with an air horn or a thunderstick…beat them with it.


3 Responses

  1. Bashing the fans of the world? Questionable decision, my friar faithfuls and I are awfully upset…

  2. I did not leave the prior response…Tazzi did. I think it is a damn good post, and Matty, I hope I correctly sense the sarcasm in this PROVIDENCE thing.

  3. Let me also say that just because fans in these cities are the most passionate as a whole for their teams does not make it so that these are the only cities with passionate fans. There are a lot of fans from cities that do not even have professional sports teams that are just as passionate, if not more, for the teams they support.

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